can you remember parking lot nights?

drew/ sky/ bunny/ drewble/ lionbunny/ drewface/ drewbaloo/ drewbabyboo/ drewbear/ drewfax/ dr. ew/ etc.

i'm drewww, & i do whatever the ******** i want. i go to calla <3 i'm 15, and pansexual. look it up. i'm single. i love cigarettes, & marijuana is one of my best friends. idgaf what you think :] i'm pretty chill. don't bring your drama into my life, thanks. i have trust issues. i hate religion. harry potter is the s**t.

simple facts:
i've had 8 peircings. 6 at the moment(ears, cartiledge, snakebites, septum). i love body art, and i love when people draw up ideas for me. i have a thing for nail polish. also, i own quite a few books. daisys are my favorite flower. my mom thinks i'm ocd about my hair. green & silver are my favorite colors. hitchhikers guide to the galaxy is my favorite movie. swedish fish are my favorite candy. & twizzlers! i have limnophobia.

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