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My name is Drew Nexes....And this is is about me.

Name biggrin rew Nexes


Bio:I was about the age of 6 when my mother and father were brutally murdered....Or so I had thought for a long time. I was lost,with no shelter or help,but i adapted quickly and increased my agility with increasing results, results that I thought were adapting too quick to be human. By age 10, i saw a object fall from the sky not too far from where i had made a hut to live in. The object was a onyx pillar with the inscription"you are to confront a Belmont, a hunter of monsters and otherworldly creatures, who will adopt you as his nephew to raise you as his own in due time...."and at the bottom it had my name written on it. By age 12, I heard of Niko Belmont from one of the pub managers, she usually treated me with gossip as well as food and water if,I helped her with a few chores first anyways, who had claimed to receive the same type of message from a pillar that fell from the sky as well, stating he would find the one known as a Nexes, and he would raise said person. I thanked the pub manager I began my search to find him, when I finally found him,he was at the local blacksmith. Niko adopted me as my uncle, and I had stuck by his side up until recent events took place.... he took care of me and raised me, now I slightly consider him a father. and he also said that I am not fully human.... it was almost hard to believe that.... .I have turned into a villain,and yet,a hero,I am walking with the Belmont's and their allies when I am needed and I'm walking next to Dracula also...So it's me vs. the world I suppose....I have learned my lesson of betraying The Belmont ways,I had to face my uncle...And now....I know I have potential.... He killed me around two years ago....He killed me.... But I have been reborn in a way. Alive, but also dead....My powers suffered greatly after death, and I have been significantly weakened after dying on the cross. But everyday I get a bit stronger.... My goal is to finally strike my uncle down and kill him, and make him an immortal who can die but reborn also, so he will know my suffering. That is my goal, and I will see it through.... No matter what the consequences are.... I will end anyone who gets in my way. The only people I can't strike down even if I wanted to are Michael and Kat1.... They are probably the two most closest people to me.... And I will also help The Belmont's until that faithful day comes.... When Niko and I go all out to see who will be ended again.... Just like that faithful day....


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iSweetDulce Report | 05/05/2013 9:44 am
fine I forgive you 3nodding I guess we are friends smile
JuliannaTheJinx Report | 03/19/2013 2:03 pm
You okay onii chan?
o .o
JuliannaTheJinx Report | 03/19/2013 12:29 pm
o w o
Ms Fluffehkins Report | 01/07/2013 6:52 am
Happy birthday Andrew. . .
Ariela Newt Report | 11/20/2012 9:48 pm
Drew, I want to speak to you, talk to you not only about the apology Kisa delivered to me from you, but also your dramatic reaction to being taken from an RP family.
Do you really need to get your panties in a twist over something like that? People have worse to deal with, but that is not all I want to talk to you about.
I want to talk to you about the apology you gave me, and my feelings about it.
Have you realized what has happened to me? Have you realized how much i've changed, how I've morphed into a troubled girl who now is diagnosed with MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder) and has a bad addiction to pills.
Then again, you've always judged me for what I did in the past.
Think about what I did, Andrew. Think about how I used to play with hearts, how I danced lovers on strings and fled when my crime was found out, only to never take responsibility for it. Have you seen how Karma has gotten back at me? Now, I am alone. Now, I am insane. Now, I am ruined.
Now I have faced the punishment for my crimes. I have developed several sides, all of which argue and try to persuade me with voices to do things I never want to do. I an alone in reality, my only "social life" being the internet when at school I am alone and bullied to the point of swallowing down hand mixes of pills to fall into a dazed state that is better, even though its crappy and I suffer withdrawls (a reason why I didn't go to school today). I have had friends who used me like I used loves and abandoned me. Hell, the only reason I roleplay anymore is because I feel it's the only way I can communicate. I can communicate what's happened to me or my feelings through characters, plots, ideas. It's why I always roleplay, because when I don't that looming truth that I am in actuality alone looms over me, because people on the computer aren't true friends, even if you care deeply about them. There are secrets they will never know about you, and I sure as hell am revealing quite a lot right now.
I want to tell you that I think karma is changing for me. You're probably the 4th person to apologize for whatever crime you have commited in the past. But I wish to let you know something.
You probably know this, but you're not you anymore. You're not the Andrew who fell for me, you're not the Andrew I met and befriended. You're the karma that has harmed and ridiculed me to the point I am at now. Although this can be seen as "morally good" because of what I have done, it's not good.
You are becoming me.
Please, I still care about you Andrew, and I still feel a bit of love for you. What you have become now, taking your wounds and using them in ways they shouldn't be used, will not help you. With this arrogant, mood switching, and destructive attitude, it will bite you in the ass, and even though it doesn't sound like a big deal, it is.
Look at me, I am a broken toy, and I'm probably going to OD one of these days and never speak a word on Gaia again. It's sad, but it's the truth.
If you really want to show me apology, change your asshole self.
Or I will pull the strings once again and make you.
Niko Belmont Report | 11/17/2012 3:56 pm
ur still part of the fam i just didnt know when ur returning
so not my fault
or problum=-=;
Niko Belmont Report | 11/17/2012 3:55 pm
um dude havent used the belmont char in decades so technically no
Tashai Belmont Report | 11/17/2012 10:16 am
Drew, what are you talking about?
iSweetDulce Report | 09/05/2012 4:37 pm
drew are you in towns niko told me that u guys were in towns
lilea sophia Report | 08/18/2012 1:33 am
you're profile is so amazing i thought it was made by god.



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