Here is a little about me.

Name: Amy whee
Age: 22
Status: Married <3

I'm very down to earth and enjoy talking to new people. If you wanna talk just send me a message. biggrin I can be really shy at moments, but once I open up I can be fun. smile I love animals with all my heart heart I second guess my self on everything I do, i've always been that way I don't like to let people down. So lets be friends, fi there is anything you would like to know ask me im sure i'll answer it. >w<

My husband and I got together October 22, 2011 and we got married October 22, 2016. I love him with all my heart! heart

Oh by the way, I would put up wedding pictures but i can't seem to get them on my profile. sad Comment if you know how to know... photobucket doesn't work for me anymore. Thanks. heart whee