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Dreamy attents an art school and is therefore very busy with homework. She was an active member of the Charity thread of HakimsRazor for a long time, but due to her homework, she isn't that active anymore. She still wishes she was active, and tries her best to make a comeback, and keep up her school work at the same time! Dreamy is really caring, but don't abuse her kindness. She loves to chat and have fun, so make sure you'll talk to her!

Dreamy enjoys reading, watching movies, asian drama's, walking, gaming <33, art, gadgets, accessories, photography, different types of cute fruits, and the summer. She hopes the summer will come soon, so she can get a tan.

Dreamy is in her twenties (quite old for Gaian age) but still loves plushies and Hello Kitty. So you could say she is a bit childish, but mostly she is really mature and following her own path in life. She is a bit of a tomboy but is mostly a real girlygirl. Although she loves having fun and making friends, she also loves to have some time for herself sometimes.

Dreamy has a strong interest for other cultures, especially the ones of Asia. She has been to China and is planning to go to Japan. She is a romantic at heart and the type of person who could go to another country to find real love.

She loves her goldfish who she bought with some classmates as an inspirational fishy. She had a certain place in her classroom for a long time, so he could be there. But she took him home since nobody wanted him after the semester ended, and because he would be flushed if she didn't. Her fish was swollen one day, and she had to get antibiotics. The nearest animal store didn't have it anymore so she went back home. Then she realised how selfish she was for not wanting to drive further away for her fishy. Because she could actually cure him but didn't want to pay extra gas. When she realised this, she got the antibiotics and saved her fishy. She's that type of person. Always putting others before herself, even if it's for a tiny little goldfish. (Don't worry, her goldfish is fine now and 1 year old so far!)

Dreamy Thoughts.

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