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Gender: Male

Location: Singapore

Birthday: 11/11


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Hi there, I'm a teen living in Singapore, with no plans for the future, apparently.
I love Math and Sciences(particularly where everything blows up), and so you might see me as an explosive person.

I love playing music. I joined the Band early in 2013, and I've been playing music on my Tenor Sax and Piano. Hopefully someday you'll see me performing in your country.

I'm not your perfect person, in fact I'm far from that. I have a bigger-than-average ego, I have a skin problem(mind you, it's not leprosy), I find myself too proud, I'm anti-social and more... Don't blame me for the amount of friends I have.

I love anime. I've watched many animes in 4 years. Some special ones are - 5cm per second, Mayo Chiki, Toradora, Astarote no Omocha, Highschool DxD. Do recommend me some if you want ^^

I love lurking everywhere - from shopping malls to classrooms, from toilets to forums. Perhaps I might be stalking you wink

My music preference is, well, crazy. I love Pop, especially JPOP and KPOP, Piano/Marimba/Xylophone Jazz and I dislike Rock, Rap, Hiphop and Guitar Solos.

I am a weird person. I love getting good grades, but I don't like studying. I hate creating trouble but my interference causes trouble for everyone.


Questing For :

[spoiler:fb376a4543][b:fb376a4543][i:fb376a4543] [strike:fb376a4543]Dallahan's Margin[/strike:fb376a4543]
Nephilim's Wings
Christened King's Dark Proud Locks
Beyond Pale
Wasteland Infiltration[/i:fb376a4543][/b:fb376a4543]

Current Gold :
Needed Gold 155B/Lowest BNP[/spoiler:fb376a4543]

All Donations accepted with gratitude


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Mother Birthday Report | 11/10/2015 6:17 pm
Mother Birthday
User Image11-11-15
EphemeraI Bliss Report | 08/04/2015 2:06 pm
EphemeraI Bliss
damn you have lotta gold now lol
what have u been up to on gaia recently?
Operadaisuki26 Report | 11/11/2014 8:33 am
Happy Birthday!
Here is a cake to celebrate your special day!
User Image
Mother Birthday Report | 11/10/2014 9:04 pm
Mother Birthday
User Image 11-11-14
EphemeraI Bliss Report | 01/05/2014 9:12 am
EphemeraI Bliss
wtf you mean play them all at the same time?
I dont think so, it just sounds like a mess of all 3 XD
EphemeraI Bliss Report | 01/02/2014 7:29 am
EphemeraI Bliss
um ******** u bish dont be giving me bull crap talk2hand
ur profile comments is so lonely
why am i the only one talking
EphemeraI Bliss Report | 12/25/2013 9:47 am
EphemeraI Bliss
; u ; Thank you for the gift wow
Never would have guessed that item.
But of course you'd get that one; monochrome haha
EphemeraI Bliss Report | 12/23/2013 6:04 pm
EphemeraI Bliss
EphemeraI Bliss Report | 12/21/2013 5:16 pm
EphemeraI Bliss
You should have heard my laugh when I saw your "profile edit"
It was like. A half mischievous snicker and an amused laugh rofl
EphemeraI Bliss Report | 12/13/2013 3:49 am
EphemeraI Bliss
Well sucks for you if you can't figure it out.
watta dumbass rolleyes