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About the Charity

Welcome to Dreaming ★'s profile page (aka the advertisement center).

We are a donation-run charity and are in constant need of funds. Any and all donations are appreciated. And if you decide to donate to us, we'll add you to our list of wonderful donors, where you will be susceptible to getting a lot of love.

We do our best to have contests, raffles and events every so often, so even if the owners can't be online very much, don't count us out! We're always working towards funding the bundle of awesome created thanks to everyone who has stuck with us. (We love you all!)

A very big shout-out to all our awesome donors!
You know who you are~ wink

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Dreaming ★ A Charity's Log

A place to keep track of all charity contests, events, recipients, etc.



About the Owners


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Hi! I'm Seopa, and I run Dreaming ! I'm currently questing for 365 RIGs. Help me out? I do art for RIGs so feel free to bribe me.

I like to collect in Towns and post, mostly in CB or in Guilds. Sometimes I linger in other Forums as well.
I can't really vend so I don't make gold that way. I mostly just save and participate in contests, and most of my gold goes towards the charity so please don't ask for donations. If I like you or your quest, I will usually send a small donation when you're not looking :)


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Hello. I am Rajsh, co-owner of Dreaming . On Gaia, I enjoy playing Tiles and creating profiles, like this one here.

I know my avi looks expensive, so you may naturally think I'm rich. The truth is, my account is almost always dirt poor. Please don't beg me for donations, since I really don't have many funds to do much for anyone. What little I get, it usually goes into the charity to fund contests and events. Or I give it away to a random regular sometimes.

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