Name: Laura

About: Hello's ppl of the world I luv TKA (Techno Kitty Adventure) Also my fav. music is Nightcore/techno. I also luv Owlcity. As you can see I am a fan of Rainbow Dash and MLP. DON'T QUESTION MY RANDOMNESS AND WEIRDNESS because it is who I am and I like it. Some of my favorite candies include twix, skittle, 3 musketeers, and reeses. Teh picture of teh turtle mean determination because he is so tiny but he won't give up on that strawberry, neither would I. I am a big person on gaming, I don't know a ton about it but I love video games like Pac-Man and Kirby........
Interests: Art, Music, Techno, Video Games, and nightcore.

Other: I luv animals especially cats. I have 3 guineapigs (Apollo, Mine, Revettes, My other sister's, and Fluffums, Mine too.) 1 bunny (Klondike, my sister's) and 2 cats (Toffee and Tango)
Used to have 3 turtles and a dog named teddy. And that's basically it. 3nodding


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i am loner10345

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i am loner10345

I miss u 2 D= we will hang out when I get the chance smile

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Thanks for buying! 4laugh