My name is Kristina.
I am a vegiterian.
I love to draw, skateboard, and listen to music.
smile If you dont have dreams you dont have hope.
I am a complicated person from what everyone tells me.
I love to read. Yea nerdy. biggrin
Muffins and cupcakes are stellar.
I dont believe in much.
One of my favorite movies is edward scissorhands. smile
I am in love with girr.
I have alot of opinions on things.
People try to hard to be like other people its pathetic.
Dont judge people unless you liked to be.
everyone has feelings take them in to consideration..
one more thing i love RAINBOWS they are so rad.
well i am not sure on what else to write so message me or something.



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Broken Mime

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Broken Mime

thank's 4 buying smile