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This is the account for DREAM Manga Magazine, an online manga magazine that has been operating since September 2007. The magazine is a collaborative effort from people around the world, and publishes monthly with series running once every two months.

We are currently OPEN for applications~


Please submit all applications in a Private Message to this account, with your comic/article title as the subject. It would be appreciated if applicants deleted the brackets as they filled out the form. E-mail applications may be sent to dreammangamagazine@gmail.com.

Name : [How would you like to be referred to? This will be used in the publishing so please keep it appropriate!]
About You : [Tell us about yourself! What're some of your inspirations? Do you have any goals for the future? Do you have a gallery or website to show a sample of some of your work?]
Title of the Work : [i.e. "Captain Ahab's Magical Journey: The White Cetacean"]
Work Content : [Please link to the work; if a link is unavailable, then please send it as an attachment to dreammangamagazine@gmail.com with this form, using the same format as if it were a PM.]
Monthly Slot : [Would you like to publish this in even-numbered months or odd-numbered months? If the work is a one-shot/single article, please mark this as "Single"]
Contact Information : [How would you like to be contacted?]


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