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They just call me

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random información

-♥- ily~ ♡~(^ε^)  -♥- John 20:31-♥- Jesus = love -♥- I used to be a HUGE anime/manga freakzoid. I'm now just a manga freak. xD -♥- I listen to a lot of asian music. O_O japanese, chinese, korean, indian, arabic.....i could go on....>_>;; Watch a lot of asian shows, and eat a lot of asian food. -♥- I absolutely loooooove tempura roll and red chilli roll. (types of sushi) >w< -♥- Must have been asian in another lifetime -♥-But I rly am Jamaican >w< -♥- I've come to adore japanese style -♥- I eat too much, esp. sweets && candy etc. -♥- I use emotes like crazy -♥- Despite how I appear to act on the outside, I'm really just a shy, immature....kid. xDDD -♥- I am not rude, just brutally frank. ^^v -♥- The internet is one hell of a boring place. This includes Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, and any other social network crap out there. -♥- I still live at home with the -rents. UGH! -♥- Life is flippin' hard -♥- Social Security and 401k is a joke -♥- I only get paid $7.50/hr at some tripped-up lame campus store, that is unorganized and understaffed as hell. -♥- I'm starting to hate money -♥- I am in college -♥- I'm a biology major, Studio Art minor -♥- I switched twice before -♥- I have lots of friends, irl and online....but I have few besties -♥- They know who they are. C= ♥

I ran out of things to disclose, so that's my queue to end here. =3

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Random [-fill in the blank-]:

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Friend requests: I hate them with a bloody passion. And I will not add you if I "feel like". WTF?!? You're one, single, solitary random comment/PM doesnt mean we're suddenly friends. >_> Don't waste my time.
Pm's: Don't bother. sweatdrop Intentional or unintentional, you'll end up not getting a reply from me after...awhiiile....
Comments: Are always loved!! ♥
Gifts: Sure. If it is from the kindness of your heart, I'll gladly except. Don't expect anything but a thank you and lots of love in return. ='D
Trades: Giving me an item through the gifting system would be soooooooooo much easier for you, but if you must.....^_~

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Once upon a time, I used to do avie art. A few freebies and such. However that has long since ended. Mainly because I'm a bad business woman, and an even lazier artist. So with that said, if you happen to see a lucky somebody with my artwork and would like to have one of your own, find a different artist. x_x. Nuff sed! I owe so many ppl art...I don't even remember who they are anymore.



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