Yo, Name's Joshua, but i go by Josh since no one wants to call me my full name. Uh, what do i say? I'm 6' tall with brown eyes and hair that goes from bleach blond in the summer to dark brown in the winter. Poeple call me goth when in reality i just like the colors black and red. The trench coat i wear during the winter probably doesn't help my argument, but it's warm; so there. I like Hellsing (my page is hellsing) the anime, and one called Durrarara they are pretty cool check them out. I like all kinds of music except rap (can't stand rap) Why am i telling you so much about me? I'm 19 6' tall and pretty strong, so i got nothing to worry about. Uhh i like avi art so if you draw one i'll add it to my profile.

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