Wanna get to know me? Best way is to start up some good old fashioned conversation, and find out, instead of coming here and trying to get it the easy way. Stop being lazy Gaia. Get to know someone. scream

Like my profile page, let me know. I try my best to make the b*tch look good. At least let me know what you think. I love comments. Leave a few. It won't kill you. You don't like it? Who cares what you think. Your just one person. If it disgust you that bad, then just leave. Get off my page. stressed

Old school. Haven't been on here in years, and right when I decide to come creeping back, find out I don't remember my account info, so yeah. Had to start over. So no. I am not a noob. Get bent. I've just been on vacation. xp
Sucks not having any of my old chizz anymore but hey, that's life here on Gaia. I am not a beggar, but that don't mean I won't accept. If you are generous to give, at least I can be generous to accept.

Currently questing "1" item that I dream of getting back.
"Devil Tail"
Everyone knows what that is.
I love you long time if you give me one. No homo chizz fags. Kick rocks.




My life...

sh*t that happens around me daily...




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That is how we do it around here...Not giving a sh*t because you stronger. But knowing there is always a way to kick your ass one way or the other.. Like Goku...