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"I'm Sick, Tired of it all, The shackles, Making me bleed, the torture that never ends, The pain that never stops.."
"I May be Replaceable..I may never reach your expectations, but you'll never get rid of what I've created, changed!"
22/M/Cusp Of Magic/Unemployed
GamerJoshua (Steam)


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Last Login: 02/20/2020 11:35 am

Registered: 08/10/2016

Gender: Male

Location: UK, England, North East Lincolnshire.

Birthday: 06/20/1997

Occupation: Video Gamer/Unemployed



19/02/2020 - I'll still be around to let you all know, I'm just online, lurking, looking to make more friends, mainly being a player ye know, but I guess that is how things are, hey if you check my profile, wassup?


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Welcome To DragonLoverJoshua's Profile.

Welcome, My Name's Josh, The worst being on the planet. Its what I normally think anyway, I'm 22 Years Old, Rather Childish for my age, Rather Negative, Because I actually am stuck being negative, I've tried getting help for it, years ago, Yet I'm also Over Emotional, Over Sensitve.

I Live a Pretty difficult life, with my Family Parents being rather Alcoholic, More problems that have well happened within my life, yet I'm just a broken man, searching for his way, while taking all that burden, regret, blame.

Yet myself's someone who's rather quite A curious type, being a Gemini, Cancer Cusp, Also known as a Cusp of Magic, sure I don't make sense, sure I'm a bit too weird to be rather human, but who says we all don't go through things that make life difficult? That we don't have problems communicating? That sometimes we can't be friends with everyone.

I've always been one to socialize and try and help others in life, regardless of my lazy boring self, yet each day is rather struggling for myself with the loud noises, the questionable thoughts that always stay in my head, the things that I wonder from a hourly basis.

Hyrule Field - TWP Version


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"As A Warrior/Fighter, I Seek to Help, I seek to know..And I seek to understand, But mostly I seek to change bad to good, because I know what its like, so I may Lurk in the dark, I may seek out anger, I may be in-humane..But I am who I am."

My Quotes on Life, How I see things.

"Life is a curse, to break free from it, one must break free from what they hold."

"When Life Lies, So Does Hidden Sorrow, that none will see, for the darkness within thee, has been questioned beyond belief."

"My Friends May not know me, they may not understand me, but I fear that talking to them will make things more weirder than usual, I may not seem like a normal person, but that's because I ain't."

"I'm just that nightmare monster to people, that I see, they avoid me because of how weird I am, because I ain't as Human as they are, But I'll live knowing that I have friends that care, even if they never see my emotions."

The Fear I feel, the anxiety, that pulls within myself, My own regret as I feel alone, lost, would anyone help this monster that I am? Or will they let me suffer?"

"As Childish as I am, I'm still an Adult. But I'm just one who's scared from everything life has thrown at me."