Hair: I CUT IT!!! OMG!!! It's layered from my ears to my chin. The highlights are sort of there still....kinda at the tips though.
Eyes: A dark brown.
Height: 5 feet 4 1/2
Looks: Like I'm really nice, but unless my your my friend I'm really mean. I'm working on it though.

Other details-
Age: 14
Weight: 116 pounds *gasps* I'M GAINING WEIGHT!!!
Injurys: Never had to go to the emergency room since birth. I have had a knife held to my throat though.
Alergies: None.
Smoke: No
Drink: A tad bit every now and then. Just a sip or so.
Drugs: Only medision for when I’m sick.
Nationality: Vietnamese/ Chinese/ and French

Drink: Arizona Green Tea with Ginsing & Honey
Food: Any kind of Asia food and Mexican rice. Oh I love American food too. Oh and seafood
Hobby: Computers, looking at boys, and Water Polo
Instrument: Guitar
Subject: Science
Eating place: Any sushi place.
Game: Dance Dance Revolution, Guitar Hero, Animal Crossing, Turok, and such.
TV shows: Hannah Montana. (( I don't know why I just like it. )) DN Angel, One on One, Smallville, CSI, Scrubs, and Supernatural. Moonlight is my new show. It's on every Friday night at 9.
Final Fantasy Advent Children
Star Wars I-VI
Phantom of the Opera
Pirates of the Caribbean 1-3
Spirited Away
The Castle in The Sky
Harry Potter 1-5
My Neighbor Totoro
Howl's Moving Castle
and more ...

Current -
Relationship: Taken ^^
How I feel about it: Great ^^
Looking: I'm going to kill you if you ask me.
Sports: WATER POLO!!! WOOT!!!!!
Mood: *yawns*

Dream Avatar:
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Total Value: 158,268 Gold, 15,000 Tickets
After Exclusions: 3,559 Gold, 15,000 Tickets
[Item Information]

Item List:
Fausto's Bottle 6th gen.
Celestial Wrap
Winter Rose
Cream Woven Abalone Button Blazer
Gold Mountain Blue Vest And Shirt
Shadow Spirit
Blue Phat Platform Sneakers
Embroidered Blue Jeans

Oh I've seriously gotten into RP's and I do private RPs if you want. Just PM me. I do anything......cept explict stuff.


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Basically most of them are my poems and awesome experiances in life

Such as the time I crowd surfed. I also have some poems from my emo days. I DID NOT CUT! I was just very depressed.



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Butterfly Morning

Report | 05/11/2009 3:29 pm

Butterfly Morning

Hey i was looking through my friends list and saw that you were on it. I don't remember you but whats up? lol

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golden grrl

Report | 10/25/2008 12:29 pm

golden grrl

hey... i feel like i saw yeww at universal studios cuz i saw someone that looked exactly like yewww

Report | 10/05/2008 1:33 pm


I'd ask what trouble, but I don't think I wanna know...

Report | 09/13/2008 11:38 am


Hey!! Haven't seen you in a while.... You should come to the thread more.

Report | 08/06/2008 5:05 pm


Why did you kidnap me??? And from who???

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King Dark Sora

Report | 08/06/2008 1:23 pm

King Dark Sora

hallo User Image
King Dark Sora

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King Dark Sora

King Dark Sora

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King Dark Sora



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Zutara shall happen...IT MUST!