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Holy good god, its been a while. if You want to talk to Me at all, the links are below,or drop a comment/message.

Tumblr -

wahmbulance THIS IS A RP ACCOUNT & A PERSONAL ACCOUNT wahmbulance

This account also is My personal account as well as a account in which I role-play on, If you'd like to talk to Me, then go ahead ^_^ If You want to interact via RP or start one, Message Me with the title including RP somewhere in it! Or just comment in character, I'll figure it out one way or another.
^_^ If You have role-played with Me before, and would like to pick up where We left off, Please FWD Me the role-play/story so I can re-read it and carry on!

gaia_spoons I do Rp with people outside My muses universe/world! Don't be shy!

gaia_spoons I highly suggest anyone who enjoys role-playing of any sort to check out this blog : It's extremely helpful and fun to look through - Lots of good tips and such~!

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By: 3vangelion

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Name: Victoria, Seras.

(Nicknames: Police girl, Draculina, Mignonette (French.) Mrs. Victoria, and Kitten.)

Age: Appears to be in Her late teens/ early 20's.

Race: Vampire.

Appearance: Seras has blond short hair, and blue eyes that turn red when She feels blood lust or anger in most cases. She appears to be between 19-20 during the time She was "turned" and after the time skip is around 49 years old - yet remains to look the same as She did when She became a vampire.
She appears to be as tall as the average young woman, shorter then both Integra and Alucard.
Uniform: Seras wears a hellsing uniform, consisting of a blue button up with the Hellsing organization patch over the breast pocket and a matching blue skirt. She also wears boots and gloves with the uniform and a pair of stockings. Shes also seen wearing street clothing and a yellow hellsing uniform (Depending on the anime/OVA.)

Bio: Seras Victoria was a police woman prior to working for Hellsing. During the attack on the town of Cheddar, Her police team was called in. Shortly after arriving, They where killed and turned into ghouls. After almost getting attacked by Her former friend/co-worker She runs off into the night only to find the source of the attack - A homicidal vampire priest, Who takes Her hostage as the last survivor and threatens to rape Her. Soon enough Alucard finds both of them. Not wanting to die, The priest uses Seras as a meat shield and tries to convince Alucard to forget about Her and that they can work together, as they are both equals, and vampires alike.
This doesn't seem to phase Alucard. He states to kill the vampire, He needs to shoot through Seras's chest, which will kill Her almost instantly. Then asks Her if She is a virgin. Promptly shooting Her right after She answers Him.
Within the last moments of Her life, He gives Her a choice. To walk the night with him, Or to die a human.

Personality: Very strong, and Has seemed to be so since Her childhood, along with being stubborn. She is not a typical female, and because of that tends to come off like a tom boy, which is not surprising considering She is always around men.Even whilst being a creature of the night, She flat out refuses anything that crosses Her personal morals, such as in the beginning of the anime, where She refuses to drink blood, Because it felt wrong to Her. Despite Her violent moments, She still seems to have a sort of innocence to Her that sticks with Her through out the series, both in the original and the OVA. Making Her also come off as a bit childish or child like.

affiliate: Police force, Hellsing organization,Sir Integra, Alucard.

Weapons: Harkonnen, Harkonnen II, Shadows and various other fire-arms.
Super-human strength.

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