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Dracrius is a comic book character that I have been building the story for since I was 10. Dracrius is actually only the alias he is known by all those that he doesn't truly trust. His father was a reborn Lycan (Different then common "Lycan" full explanation of races to be given later) and his mother a Arkestrial he was raised mostly within the company of Lycan soldiers or in the Arkest science labs. Between that and his jumpy genetic memory from his father he grew up to be a disciplined assassin and a great scientist.

His story is of his growth as not only a one of a kind hybrid but as a mutant with unimaginable potential, his search for proof that his parents aren't dead and a way to get the Powers together to return the balance of light and dark...


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Liberated Fenrir

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Liberated Fenrir

don't forget that FOREVER
yeah, that just happened!
Manah Uchiha

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Manah Uchiha

Yay!^^...Manah get's the first Comment! biggrin ...Sweet Profile...I love the moon...your Avi's lookin' pretty sweet...


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