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My family is from Appalachia which has a very rich and diverse heritage in these things (witchery). You could say witchcraft runs in the family in various forms. However there is a stigma to the term because of Christian influence in those parts and if you dare call many of my kin a Witch they'd have a shotgun pointed at ya. I myself embrace the term but you could call me a mountain or cunning man among other things.

My grandfather taught me the planting of signs by the moon (the first thing I learned) and of dowsing. He also taught me of metals. My grandmother taught me herbs and she also had an interest in stones. Both had an interest in Astrology but my grandma didn't get deep into it. Her mother had an interest in astrology, herbs and stones. My grandmas father was a Mason and my grandfather had many Masonic contacts though as far I knew while he was respected he did his own thing. He was well read and I was fortuneate enough to have an alternative education alongside my public schooling in my younger years.

I got into the more advanced astrological practices and started practicing ceremonial magick. I seemed to have a knack for the ceremonial and knowing many of my social cast never had the opportunities I had, I dove in.

I eventually transitioned to a more Wiccan praxis, working within a tradition that while not purely Gardnerian, does have Gardnerian roots among others. I still do grimoire style works from time to time. I've worked with a number of them so you'll just have to ask me. Though I am fond of Dee's tabular watchtowers.

Also I feel that it's important to study ones roots and so I've looked into Thelema, the O.T.O, A.A, Golden Dawn and all things influencing Wicca. I do consider Thelema a sister tradition.

Then, going back to my native Appalachian background, there's bits of European lore alongside my native roots as well. I do speak Cherokee, and know some traditional medicine but I've got a long way to go. you got to pick it up when it presents itself. Really learn from the elders because there's so much and you may only get one chance before it is gone.

In my tome, my "Book of Shadows" or Grimoire you will see bits of traditional Wicca, things from various ceremonial grimoires, things from various magickal orders and lodges, European and Appalachian folk practices and native medicine.

I have an interest in Chochrane craft which I love for it's story telling and approach. I'm thankful because those I work with now have a good blend of this and what Gardnerian craft has to offer. I also have an interest with Sabbatic craft at large, as well as Luciferian Witchcraft inline with Aradia.

Though as I see the Watchers and magick it self I don't "take sides" politically except concerning others right to express their will, and especially regarding cultural genocide which is so close to home. So when Diana Lucifera says to kill the oppressors- hey, I can relate.


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Scary Stories Report | 01/11/2015 8:31 am
I have great interest, ive attended an ayahuasca ceremony and Im attending another one in march. I also have an interest in the pursuit of shamanism. Ive done just almost all the main psychadelics out there other than peyote/mesculine as well.
Scary Stories Report | 01/10/2015 2:20 am
Which character? This is my shaman avatar, it reminds me of one of my ayahuasca shaman.
Scary Stories Report | 01/10/2015 12:26 am
I really love your avi!
O-TO-KO-YO Report | 07/20/2012 2:19 pm
O-TO-KO-YO Report | 07/15/2012 9:05 pm
Thanks for the invite, but I'm not wiccan.
vegan shrimp kabob Report | 07/05/2012 6:42 pm
we were talking in a thread, and you seemed to truly believe in demonic possession. and i know roman catholics believe in demonic possession. in fact, in my city there are two roman catholic exorcists, a french one and an english one(because apparently demons have language preferences). if you are not roman catholic, what is your culture?
vegan shrimp kabob Report | 07/05/2012 6:35 pm
are you roman catholic?
The_Manly_Succubus Report | 11/12/2009 9:50 pm
Not much. I've been a little sick, recovering from a convention, but good overall.
Novaske Report | 10/29/2009 7:19 pm
Yeah, actually you did post it on here, to be honest, I found it quite interesting and rather well researched.
I would have commented it also, but I didn't want to overly bother you with comments XD
I am glad that my comment was well-received, there are some people that I try to tell did well, and they get mad at me for it, so I am generally cautious about leaving such words, though I don't understand why people get that way.

As for people not accepting such sources as reliable, or even in the least credited, I tend to believe such people are afraid, not of the possibility that there are ways outside of their tunnel vision, but of the idea that they may be wrong about something, that their beliefs might extend in ways they had never thought of, and that to a certain degree, they couldn't understand the extent of what they so firmly believe to be correct.

I personally am confused by my beliefs at the time (part of the reason I really didn't stick around the thread, though I do check up on it out of curiosity to view the beliefs of others, and, to be honest some of the posts rather depress me.), though the basic concept of my beliefs puts me in the lump of religion known as Christianity, despite the fact that many of my views, to other Christians, tends to label me as a 'non-believer', simply because I openly accept that other beliefs might very well be true and that mine could just as possibly be completely wrong.
What I have come to identify myself as, and I know this seems strange, is that of a Catholic with leanings toward Wicca.
You see, I have studied both on many occasion- and still do as oft as possible, I find that the two hold near equal parts of my mind in balance, with points where I am absolutely unsure of which I believe more on.

To delve on my complete thoughts on the matter and what I believe which has managed to meld the two in my mind, would bring forth much psycho-babble, and as such I shall leave it at be where it is, with that fact out of the way so that you might have a better idea where I come from on the subject at hand, and move on to the original thought before I went into rant mode there..
I can actually somewhat understand the feeling of wanting to believe all too strongly that the held beliefs are the correct and only path, I can understand how it can make people blind to the idea of difference, however slight or large the said difference might in theory be.
I will admit, even for myself, that it is not unlike how water runs against the earth and stone, carving its path out as it goes until at last it meets a boulder in its way, the boulder standing firmly in place to prevent the water from breaking through, all the while becoming slightly weaker to the current..
Only if the water keeps moving against the stone, will it make its impact, however slight it may be.
I tend to think of peoples minds like the boulder- trying so hard to work against others and hold its own, that it instinctively blocks out alternate ideas until much, much later, when perhaps it will finally consider it, even if just for a second.

...If any of that made sense outside my mind, I will be amazed. XD
My apologies for the rant-mode I went into, but I felt it was best that my stand, and my obvious insanity, was made apparent, I wouldn't want to say something strange and take you by surprise, I actually rather like warning people of my oddities before-hand.
Novaske Report | 10/29/2009 12:32 pm
Ello again,
I just wanted to say that in regards to your posts in the thread "New to wicca? Ask here! Information appreciated.", I think you are doing a great deed in providing information for others and for trying to help out.
There truly isn't much I can offer on the subject, so I tried to primarily stay out of it for the sake of staying out of peoples way, but, I also felt it was necessary to show my respect to you and to say that I agree with much of what you've stated.
My apologies for how utterly random this comment seems, but, I have a tendency to follow through on my instinct and what my feelings tell me to do, and as aforementioned, they told me to say this.
I hope you have a great day.
/End random comment here.