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jeff the lost kitten Report | 09/22/2011 4:18 am
jeff the lost kitten
really miss you buddy, any i don't think johns coming back crying
plusle boy jeff Report | 08/16/2011 7:51 pm
plusle boy jeff
miss you buddy, we need to hangout again soon whee
plusle boy jeff Report | 02/18/2011 12:33 am
plusle boy jeff
seeing as how it is on youtube... yes smile
plusle boy jeff Report | 02/17/2011 7:15 pm
plusle boy jeff
i made this youtube video a while ago, its the most recent pics i have of me
plusle boy jeff Report | 02/14/2011 7:40 pm
plusle boy jeff
Year Of Silence Report | 03/20/2010 10:02 pm
Year Of Silence
Past tense
Year Of Silence Report | 03/20/2010 9:58 pm
Year Of Silence
here rented Dvd's and watching scary movies u razz
Year Of Silence Report | 03/16/2010 7:51 pm
Year Of Silence
so whats new?
Year Of Silence Report | 03/13/2010 1:40 pm
Year Of Silence
yup xD lmao kind of noticed that snce A long long tme Ago
Year Of Silence Report | 02/12/2010 8:05 pm
Year Of Silence
I think you forgot about meh xD its me Emmett Cullen724 but I changed my username and I think u dont remember xD lmao if u dont its ok razz