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((Also rebooted now))

Civilian Identity: William Griswald

Codename: Stitches, or just Doctor

Occupation: Surgeon at the Gotham Hospital, has a small clinic for seeing those who would not usually go to the hospital either for lack of insurance/money or because of criminal involvement.

Criminal Record: None on file

Gender: Male

Apparent age: 32

Age: 36

Hair: Blond

Eyes: Green, 20/20 vision

Height and weight: 6'4'', 165 pnds/ Naturally skinny build (but keeps in shape), tall.

Appearance: Keeps a tidy and professional appearance. Hair neatly cut, blue button up shirt and gray slacks under his lab coat. He keeps his body in top condition, though his natural build is on the slender/lanky side.

-Genius level intelligence with a focus on the medical field
-very quick reflexes with a focus on hands and arms
-Raised speaking German and English equally
-Accomplished liar
-Immune to his sister's aura unless she specifically targets him
-For combat: quick hands and an intimate knowledge of the human body via his profession. Basically he knows exactly where a quick jab can be enough to bring down a target should it come down to that. Though, of course, knowing where to stab and landing a stab are two different matters entirely.

Equipment: None

Origin of Abilities: Born highly intelligent; studied medicine from an early age as best he could with current resources; completed doctorate program, medical training, internship etc. to get his license; quick reflexes and hands came with training.

Weaknesses: All human weaknesses.
Will do anything for family or loved ones.
A bit obsessive.
A control freak.
Being corrupted by the device animating his sister.
Owes the Demon Neron a favor. Any favor.

Personalty: William is, above all else, focused and a hard worker. This doesn't mean he can't be pleasant, even charming, but his work is his main focus. He thinks highly of himself, both for his intelligence and his dedication to giving back to the community. In fact, he might say he is without flaw. A perfect mind, a healthy body, a good spirit. In truth he is over-protective of those he loves, some would say possessive, and prone to anger when he doesn't get his way. His morals in regards to science, also questionable. He feels the ends justify the means, and has demonstrated this (though it is not public knowledge) in his willingness to do whatever it takes to both bring his sister back from death and to keep her alive. He is also self-deceptive, very good at convincing himself he has done nothing wrong (on the contrary that he did the right thing!), or putting an action out of his mind entirely. As such, he fails to find any fault in any of his actions and views himself as a hero.

In general his interactions with others is always friendly, he prefers to charm those he meets and make sure they are comfortable around him. A good habit for any doctor, he thinks, is to ensure people feel comfortable enough to trust you. Despite his considerable feeling of self-worth, he's more prone to listening than to speaking about himself. Though in the right social situations he has no problem being generally friendly and even enjoys a good conversation, particularly with other intellectuals.

Background: William knew from a young age that he wanted to use his considerable intelligence to help people. Science and health studies had always been his favorite, and it wasn't long before he decided to pursue a career as a doctor. Raised by a single mother, he worked hard to get into college early and get any scholarships he could. He always valued family, and knowing how hard his mother worked he wanted to become successful and pay her back as soon as he could. He also always took to the big brother role well where he could, though he was admittedly often too busy to be around much. He sadly wouldn't get the chance to provide a comfortable life for his mother, as she would be killed in a car accident involving a drunk driver while he was still getting his degree. By this time his sister was only sixteen, and though the death of his mother threatened to send him into a depression, he fought it by promising to look after Rachel.

Making good on his promise, he saw her through high school and made sure she went to college, and when she mentioned not wanting to continue after the basic degree he helped her get a desk job. They were always close, though both of them enjoyed their quiet, and he was pleased when she began dating his friend and colleague Alex. He had been over protective with a lot of the guys she had tried to date previously, but Alex he knew would treat her right, so he encouraged the relationship and eventual engagement.

He was always a hard worker, and intelligent, it wasn't difficult for him to make his place in the medical world. Not greatly known yet, but building a reputation and giving back to society. Things couldn't be going better, so of course they had to collapse.
Rachel went missing. He filed a report, but it wasn't long before her body was found.
Crushed by the death of the last of his family he knew, and with the failure of keeping her safe, William broke. He couldn't accept this death, he knew there had to be some way he could fix it. So he managed to steal the body (throwing a fit about it going missing when others discovered she was gone), and preserve it as best he could. He continued to attend work to keep up appearance after the allotted time off to grieve, and he begun looking into every possibility he could to bring her back, every new piece of medical science even if experimental. He would have looked into magic as well, if he believed in such a thing.

After four years a strange man came to him, speaking of a way he could succeed. Unknown to William, this person was the Demon Neron in disguise. Experimental, dangerous, but for the right price he had a device that would work. William would pay anything, which was just what the man seemed to want to hear. He gave William a device to attach to her heart, a pace maker of sorts inscribed with strange symbols. In exchange when the stranger should appear again, any request he makes of William cannot be refused.

William was skeptical, but he accepted, figuring it was worth a try. He stole fresh organs as needed, installing the new piece. The heart started, and he was quick to sew her back up, his now patchwork person of a sister. He would work with her, helping her adjust to being brought back, unsure of just how much she remembered from before. She remembered him at least, and he didn't want to stress her out with questions about the events just before her death. He was just happy she was back.

Then he heard of Alex's death. He was a tad suspicious, but put it out of his mind. His sweet sister could never be capable of such a thing. It wasn't until the familiar name of the man he had thought responsible for her death came to the obituaries that he knew it was time to go. Time to leave this town. No, this state. He put in a transfer, and Gotham was what was available, and the two moved. He has gradually noticed more often his sister acting strangely, but he doesn't like to think about it. She's alive again, she's well, nothing could have possibly gone wrong…


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Domina Mortem Report | 01/06/2013 3:24 pm
Domina Mortem
Makes sense. And it never can hurt playing different characters on just one profile, since you don't have to have multiple accounts.^^
Meh, i can definitely understand you there, it can be kinda hard when you're in that state of mind. I can be patient as well, most of my role plays I get like a response every week sometimes. Looking forward to when you're able and back to yourself.83
Domina Mortem Report | 01/05/2013 11:54 am
Domina Mortem
Why thank you. Technically speaking this is her secret identity considering Mortem has pretty much only enemies, (And she also kinda attacked and scarred Luthor and all in a role play. with her teeth.X3 Good times.) while she's recently reclaimed her title as Luna Marshal to take over her parents fortune. Nobody ever knew what she looked like so going red head like her mother makes it easy; the glasses make her eyes look a pale blue like they used to be. Probably more information than you wanted however.xp
oiseau au dentelle made my profile layout if you'd be interested in getting one. ^^ She makes awesome profiles.
Also tis fine if you're not feeling up for him, I get like that sometimes to. Oh, but if you want to go for a batman then do it! I haven't seen much of an active one around, and Gotham is just such an easy target because there's hardly anyone around to defend the place. I mean I could have turned everyone there into zombies at least ten times by now if I wanted to. ninja
Domina Mortem Report | 12/31/2012 10:36 pm
Domina Mortem
(It's fine. William can just give Dom's a hand with something simple and then could be on his way.^^; )
"Well, I've gotten my hands on a new sample of blood, one belonging to a werewolf creature in fact. I've already used it to make someone that can now morph into another beastie that isn't that of a wolf. Of course I still need to change the skeletal structure a little so it can withstand such drastic changes to the body, but I think with proper changes and experiments, I could make all sorts of variants and for them to change in just a few seconds. The possibilities are quite limitless with this one sample." Domina had grinned ear to ear as soon as she stopped talking, those pretty white rows of fangs flashing ever so absently as she started to think to herself now. Perhaps she could even use it to allow one to change humans shapes as well, but that may require another sample from a different kind of shapeshifter instead.
However, while she had wanted to see Rachel, she had need of assistance from William. Just a simple help with her vocal cord problem, "Speaking of such things, you remember our past conversation right? About vocal cords? You think you could show me how to do it in the ways I'd like to?"
Lilith Mother of Sin Report | 12/11/2012 5:52 pm
Lilith Mother of Sin
Selina pivoted toward him and leaned ever so slightly forward, just enough to draw attention the creamy flesh undulating under the parted zipper of her suit. "A check up? Why, doctor, whatever for?" Her affected tone was simpering and playful, "Don't I look...healthy enough?" Of course she meant nothing by her lewdness. It was more of habit than hot blood. A pragmatic thought grazed her typically facetious mind; She did need routine, preventative care and it wasn't something she often had the pleasure of receiving at the local clinics. What a genuine nightmare it was to try to be received as a walk-in on an alias. Even free health clinics seemed to want your records. Old hippies turned yuppies. "Actually, Doctor, I would appreciate it very much. If that's alright. I'll wire you the money. And I'll take any exam date and time-- you know I set my own hours on the job." She smiled congenially.
Lilith Mother of Sin Report | 12/11/2012 2:33 pm
Lilith Mother of Sin
Slinking further into the room and propping herself against a wall, Selina smiled with the same sly look of satisfaction a child wears after winning a game. "I love it when people have heard of me. Right you are, Doc. Such a clever boy. Mommy must be so proud of her golden boy." She didn't meet his eye to see if her insensitive remark about his mother had stung him or not. Of course she'd heard whispers of his past through the grapevine of the underground, but she had a lightning lip and didn't care who suffered from it. She sauntered over and brazenly took a seat on his desk, casting a saucy sidelong glance at him and his paperwork. "I've heard of you too. I've heard your hands are steady and your stitches clean. My job is dangerous, and that's a fact. Oh, I don't mind it much," she crossed one of her legs over the other. "Occupational hazard. But I can't go to Gotham General for half my knocks, and a lady doesn't like to scar." She met his eyes with a look of subtle solemnity. "You taking on any new patients?"
Domina Mortem Report | 12/09/2012 11:42 pm
Domina Mortem
"I didn't see her or catch her scent while I was out around the city, but then again I haven't been around the whole city." She shrugged in thought, wondering what Rachel would be doing sneaking out. It was news to her, and news that peaked her curiosity. Maybe she'd shadow her some night just to see what she was up too; she really didn't have anything better to do with her time.
"I wouldn't mind at all. Just lead the way." Domina smiled and motioned for him to lead her. She hadn't seen where the two lived yet or what their home looked like.
Domina Mortem Report | 12/09/2012 11:24 pm
Domina Mortem
Luna had found herself within Gotham's streets again, as the place was always ripe with some type of gang prowling the streets or had something along the lines of a deal going wrong and a dead body or two being left for retrieving. More then often for William, she was the sorta person that took away work, or gave him work. Tonight however, had been far to quiet, and she was slowly growing bored. It had been awhile since she payed a visit to Rachel or William, so she figured swinging by couldn't hurt. At least Rachel would be up at this hour if William wasn't.
Arriving just at their place, she walked up to the door and lightly knocked. Almost as soon as she had, William had opened the door and greeted her. "No one expects to see me." She pointed out with a fanged grin. "I was just in the neighborhood and decided to stop by and see how you and Rachel are doing. That is if I haven't come at a bad time, or to late in the night."
Domina Mortem Report | 12/07/2012 7:37 pm
Domina Mortem
That is strange, maybe it's private and you need in invite for it. I think Phantom might be able to send you an invite to join, I'll ask him.
Domina Mortem Report | 12/07/2012 7:32 pm
Domina Mortem
You're welcome. 3nodding
Domina Mortem Report | 12/07/2012 7:28 pm
Domina Mortem
Heroes Of Justice VS Villains Of Doom is active.





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