"From the cradle to the madhouse, a twisted mind
There's no way out of this hell for twisted mind"
-'Scarecrow' by Avantasia

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Greetings, and welcome to my profile! You can call me the Doctor, or Wobbs, I'm not picky. I'm an old Gaia person, having started May 5, 2004, many many moons ago. I'm not as active as I once was, school's over, college is done, I'm in the workforce now. I feel old .... >.>

There's quite a few things I like, mainly paintball, airsoft, Warhammer 40k, reading, video games, music, roleplaying and my job. I tend to be quiet around new people, but I'm slowly trying to push myself past that. If you couldn't tell, my music taste is mainly based in rock, and most types of metal, but that's because I like the tune, and I love a steady, catchy beat. One of my most defining tastes in all I do, is a preference for the darker side of life. Dark humor, Gothic Art, Gothic Architecture, skulls, spikes, studs, piercings, tattoos, Angels, Demons, Industrial Architecture, Concrete Jungles, gas Masks, and cold hard Steel draw me like moths to a flame. Although this makes me sound cruel or outlandish, I'm not! There is a big difference between clever usage and distasteful art. But anywho, I am who I am, and I'm all that I am, and am going to be. ^^;

Out of everything I've ever been through, the one thing I dislike the most is people who are not open minded. Everything else is welcome, as a good attempt or acceptance, is the best thing a person could give to another.

I enjoy a good chat with friends, and with new people, as strangers are only friends I have not met. So if you've read through this all, cheers, and send me a PM or post a comment. I look forward to the opportunity.


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8D When have I ever been known to lie~?
TToTT I know.
It makes me sad.

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I see you~

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tantalizing toffee

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tantalizing toffee

Happy Birthday 8D
upside down doll

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upside down doll

night. :]
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upside down doll

exactly, i love music like that. you can just feel the emotion in the music. that's why i love Bright Eyes so much. if you haven't checked them out, you should, because they're amazing.
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ooh, that's cool. :3 i loved them from hearing.. gosh, don't remember my first song. no wait! BYOB. and now i have all of their songs on my ipod. my favorite is probably She's Like Heroin. it's too weird not to love.
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Serj is awesome!
i know people who don't like SOAD that much, but they really like his solo project. :]
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oh, you haven't heard of it?
she has her album out and everything! Dresden Dolls have gone on a hiatus.
her solo stuff is amazing, trust me. <3 different than her work in the Dolls, but still amazing.

my friends love them. xP i like them too~
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ugh yes, Amanda Palmer. i love her and her solo project. <333
she's my god damn hero.


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