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Welcome to my profile...it ok I don't bite...trust me. I'm CURRENTLY 17 gonna be 18 in Sept. Adult Status my children!! >=D I am a high school drop out (I know I'm awesome) BUT I am getting my GED. I am born, raised and live in Hawaii and I don't plan on moving. Just recently got into skating and I think I'm on to a good start. I'm not really good at describing myself...so if you want to know me just...well...talk to me ^^



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Cup Cakes With Pretzels Report | 07/05/2012 8:47 am
Cup Cakes With Pretzels
cool avi
nightly_tears_of_sorrow Report | 02/21/2011 8:51 pm
was just saying the truth...aww thank for saying that now your the one being really nice and kind
nightly_tears_of_sorrow Report | 01/31/2011 4:32 pm
thats good. oh they were the yama no tamago the ravens transformed into my sword xp and aww thanks.. and i love your avi as always
nightly_tears_of_sorrow Report | 01/30/2011 2:26 pm
hi ^-^ yeah it has been awhile. nothing much just school and stuff. how have you been?
nightly_tears_of_sorrow Report | 09/26/2010 12:54 pm
welcome and oh i see well it does look like one already...um i think there is an item called rave or something like that..not sure...glad things are good sorry could be better hope it does then...and i have been ok just alot of bad things keep happening..but thats life i guess...
nightly_tears_of_sorrow Report | 09/23/2010 6:15 pm
welcome ^_^
its ok how have you been?
cool avi by the way
nightly_tears_of_sorrow Report | 09/22/2010 2:48 pm
Happy Birthday!!! i hope you have a great one!!! ^-^
Cup Cakes With Chocolate Report | 08/04/2010 5:23 pm
Cup Cakes With Chocolate
you didnt put my middle name so HAHA!!!
nightly_tears_of_sorrow Report | 08/03/2010 11:19 pm
yours is great ^_^ oh i see..im sorry about that..and understand what you mean for have the same trouble..and aww your welcome but you had detailed stuff before i just told you two or three things..and thats cool want a new avi theme.. oh i see im sorry you cant find one..yeah its hard putting together one..having trouble with that..and oh im sorry but you shouldnt say that you have good taste ^-^
nightly_tears_of_sorrow Report | 08/03/2010 8:45 pm
glad to hear things been good for you..and oh im so sorry to hear that..stinks something so cute and awesome has to cost so much..hopefully will get more gold soon..and oh thanks yeah im gonna for trying to find a certain look..one thats awesome just like yours ^-^


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Cup Cakes With Pretzels

Yes...I like the gorillaz...

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