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This is my work uniform.

Here are the details of my current mission.

Currently: Ryxon- Assassin, Prince of Hell, and Host of DEATH
Ryxon, still horrified at what he did when DEATH was in control of his body, allows Cyr to shepherd him into the shower at his place. The normally talkative demon is resigned this evening. He has asked Cyr to free him from his family's curse. They both know what this means......and he hates himself for asking.

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The Diary of Dr. Taye DeLorian

This is the Diary of Dr. Taye DeLorian, an angel living on Earth and reluctant to return back 'Home.' In this book are contained accounts of his time living with humans (and demons, hybrids, and a vampiric car.)


Dramatis Personae

Ryxon B'Al-Gare is a full blooded demon, and a prince of Hell. In fact, it's his nephew who is currently on the throne.

Ryxon is also an assassin under the employ of the Reapers, Hell's version of a special forces unit. His favored weapon is a scythe, though lately he's begun to despise his job.

His reason for hating his job is that he is the Host of DEATH.

DEATH is an entity closely related to the seven Sins.

DEATH and his 'siblings' have no physical forms of their own, and must share bodies with fitting Hosts.

Ryxon has a complicated relationship with one Cyrano Macomb, a human assassin who plays Host to DEATH's greatest enemy, JUSTICE.

JUSTICE and DEATH frequently oppose each other in combat. More often than not JUSTICE loses the fight, but every so often DEATH is beaten into submission.

DEATH is unbiased and interested in very little other than his job.

He collects the souls of the departed, and on occasion takes a more proactive approach and 'departs' people (human or otherwise) himself.

DEATH has a temper and a wicked sense of humor.

This results in Ryxon, when he loses and then regains control of himself, often being emotionally unbalanced. In a cruel twist of fate, the only person really capable of helping him pull himself together is Cyr. Fortunately for Ryxon, who doesn't see how this is possible, Cyr is always ready to pick up the proverbial pieces and put Ryxon back together again.

The two of them have been dancing this particular dance for years, but Ryxon is starting to grow uncertain how much longer this can go on.

You sure you really wanna' talk to me? I mean, I don't really have a good reputation, you know?

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Musical Trinkets Report | 10/25/2015 12:24 am
Musical Trinkets
/Carefully tucks the excess candy into his pockets, grinning to himself at the slight feeling they might just be enchanted in some way. Ahh, so it IS Ivan you are looking for. <3 I see you have a little something for him too~ let's see.. where did I see him last? /Frowns softly. Goodness, I sound awful, but I've been here at the shop taking care of a little emergency for the past couple of days. He could be at my home.. but i'm tempted to say he got cabin fever and decided to head out. /Snaps fingers. I bet you he's somewhere in town, what with all those festivals going on for Halloween. <33 Why don't you take a look around? He might be with my son, Xeno. He's a grey, harpy-mix looking imp. /Smiles brightly. Or, if you'd like, you can look around my home to see if he's there. Just head to the red door in the back of my shop, it'll lead you right to my kitchen. <33 /Gently pats Wick's hand. Ohh, I wish I could help you look for him, but I need to stay put in case another wizard fight breaks out in front of my jewelry display. Good luck to you, dear. <33
Musical Trinkets Report | 10/24/2015 1:05 am
Musical Trinkets
/Chuckles softly as he is handed several more lollipops, grinning up at the spirit. Oh goodness, aren't you just a dear? <3 I'll make sure everyone at the shop gets one. They'll be eternally grateful to you for the sugar rush, especially since we have a design deadline tonight. <33 /Watches Wick pull his hand back, trying to follow and make sense of the spirit's gestures. Mmmmm..... Oh! Are you looking for... Ivan? Perhaps? <33
Musical Trinkets Report | 10/22/2015 1:02 pm
Musical Trinkets
/Tilts his head in confusion as his hand is taken, realization setting in upon closer inspection of the spirit's mouth. Ohh.. I see. I'm sorry, dear.. my senses didn't pick up on that. Well, that explains your quietness.. and here I thought you were just shy. <33 /smiles toothily and watches the other make little snowflake patterns with his hand, nodding in understanding of what is being asked. Mmmm, yes I believe he was a christmas spirit. Now mind you, it's been a few years since my encounter though. He gave me a candy cane that turned my tongue into some kind of little fuzzy creature for a few weeks, that rascal. <33 /Chews on his sucker, thinking out loud. Energetic fellow. Are you looking for him, dear? <3
Musical Trinkets Report | 10/22/2015 12:45 am
Musical Trinkets
Ohhh what's this now? <33 /reaches out to touch the offered treat, carefully examining the lollipop with his fingertips. For me? How kind of you, dear. I'm quite fond of sweets. Espescially ones I can easily lick~ /gently snakes out his tongue, wrapping it around the lollipop and pulling it into his mouth. Ahhh, this is so good. <33 I wish I had something to offer youuu. You just let me know if you need anything, hon. /Grins widely, chuckling softly. Goodness, you're a quiet one. <33 It's a little different, considering my last experience with a holiday spirit.
Musical Trinkets Report | 10/21/2015 12:39 am
Musical Trinkets
/Notices a set of ghostly orange eyes staring intently at his outfit
/Wastes no time in striking a pose, grinning widely to show off his teeth, arching his back and generally just hamming it up as per his usual self.

Ohh~ my hard work must've paid off. I caught the eye of a holiday spirit~ <33 Maybe we'll have some good luck this season, hahaha~ <333 -Wiggles his tongue in Wick's direction- come closer, dear. I'd like to look closer at the colors on your outfit. Providing you have the time, of course! I know you spirit types are quite busy this time of yearrr~ <3
Kuro the Rookie Kingpin Report | 10/20/2015 10:50 pm
Kuro the Rookie Kingpin
//bares her teeth and starts howling
Kuro the Rookie Kingpin Report | 10/20/2015 10:42 pm
Kuro the Rookie Kingpin
//giggles with delight and claps excitedly
//makes more balloons and offers him
Kuro the Rookie Kingpin Report | 10/20/2015 10:35 pm
Kuro the Rookie Kingpin
//shoves the ballon in his face with an impatient, menacing grin on her face
Kuro the Rookie Kingpin Report | 10/20/2015 10:29 pm
Kuro the Rookie Kingpin
//claps happily and offers him a balloon
Kuro the Rookie Kingpin Report | 10/20/2015 10:03 pm
Kuro the Rookie Kingpin
//splashes sugar water onto face

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