Wow, it's been a while.

I'm Rachelle (Ruh-shell). Nowadays I really don't find any reason in being on Gaia anymore aside from nostalgia.




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thx for buying my fish heart

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yeah me too ;p cheese_whine

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dramallama dramallama dramallama dramallama dramallama dramallama dramallama dramallama dramallama dramallama dramallama dramallama how you been razz crying eek

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holy cake ;p ive missed you ^^ dramallama
Maniac Mio Ayama

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Maniac Mio Ayama

Thanks for buying :3

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Rachelle.. I don't know if you still remember him...
but Soreun, the Cuttlefish... he died. O;
Might not mean anything to you... but I just thought I should tell you.
He was a fighter. Lived for 200+ days. I don't know much about Cuttlefish... but that's a long friggin time to me.
Nearly a year. Wow. So yeahh. Just thought you should know.
You practically raised all my fish back then. Thank you so much.
I really sucked at fish raising. Too lazy. x_x; My tank is now completely crapped. Sigh..
You have been a good friend.....
Anyways, umm. Take care.

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Jailbreaking is cool though. >D Every app for FREE! BWAHAHA. Feels good to be hackin agains. ;]
Regular ATT plan is good.. it's even more awesome if you don't have to pay the phone bill off yourself. x__x; But I don't have that liberty anymore..
Sober, eh? Hah. I guess that's a lot more convenient than being hungover. Keep up the hard work.
I'm not in the Philippines actually. I just happen to use my Philippines Sim Card more than my ATT one. Haha. I will be going in May though. It's gonna be pretty awesomee. I meann, it better be with a $850+ plane ticket x__x; (that's actually a really good price too).
Yeah.. about that thingy I sent you. Haha. My "free" app.. which happened to be pirated, disconnected me. I turned it on the other day to try and send a test sms and it was all like "Ahoy. Best be no looting anymore" OR something like that.. and then it sent me to the App Store to buy the legit copy. x__x hahah. I freaked a bit. Kinda failed in that department..
SOO I went app searching again and I found another one. I tested it out by sending a msg to my friend's phone and he was able to send one back. ;D
So I'm happy with it. I just don't know how you'd be able to send me a msg. @,@ I'd have to send you one first and then you respond to whatever address thing it gives you.
Sorry.. its a bit of a hassle. It's really up to you if you still wanna try. Hehe..
Hope it's been going well for you Shell.

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Haha. Silly girl. sms is "short message service"... aka, the thing you're obsessed with. xD It's texting.
*sigh* x__x must be good to have unlimited service. *tis poor*
Oh wow. You need to start sleepin' girlll. It's not good for your skin. Haha. Though, I don't remember you ever having much problem in that department. :]
Lol, agreed. We can all sleep when we're dead. ;]
Ohh, okayy. Let's just drop the idle chitchat and get to the core of the discussion. So my number... x__x; I don't think it would work. I'm currently using a Philippines Sim card in my iPhone. Haha. BUT I do have an App that I use that's called TextFree and you could send a message there. You don't need to download anything.
OR you could simply give me your number and me text you... and you respond to the text and whatever the number will be... but then again, I have become VERY VERRRY bad at replying to people. .__.; ..even worse than normal.
So yeahh. You can send a message to il2yan@textfree.us
Normal text and carrier charges may apply I warn. xD
That or I'll give you my Philippines' number. Haha. Doubt that'd work though... unless you don't mind roaming charges. Bwaha.

Ohhh. I wanna ask Shelly. About your iPhone. Have you considered Jailbreaking it?

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I'm happy for you Shell.
I hope your dad didn't need to shell out 600bucks for a new one. O;
Buying a new one is expensssssive. I would know... I bought one a couple months ago. x__x
I'm really happy though that you got a new one!
I just hope that you haven't been taken advantage of AGAIN (stolen/lost #2). Dx Keep that thing safe! Hah.
It would be nice to keep in touch through text. Hah, bet you've become a textbeast now, huh?
I need to find a good sms program to download on my phone. Do you know any good ones?
Cuhs I don't use AT&T's texting plan.

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hehe he do you have a hotmail account or something i can add youwith?