-Caramel, the happy food-

-Facts About Me-
-I love to write poetry-
-I love anime-
-I aspire to learn Latin someday, though I fear I shall have to wait until college-
-I speak Spanish, I'm not fluent, but I am pretty good-
-I will learn French, when I do is undetermined-
-Piano, violin and harp are my three favorite instruments-
-Don't confuse what you think I am, with what I am-
-I may be a girly girl and care about my hair and make-up, but I also love outdoorsy things-
-I absolutely adore boats-
-I like to ride atv's-
-I listen to all types of music, don't stereotype me-
-I do have some anger problems-
-I'm a city girl at heart. I love Chicago-
-I tease everyone, the people I love I tease excessively. The people I don't mind I mildly tease. If I don't like you though, be prepared

-I am the cafe artsy type. I may be a complete airhead, but it's when I'm sitting writing poetry, or listening to meaningful music that I feel the most at peace. Or when I'm merely walking through the park, thinking about the world and all it's complexities. I'm not your average girl. The real me is hiding beneath everything else.-


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Ruizu's Journal!! YAY!!

umm..I'll put like whatever in here. So yeah feel free to read!!`


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lil bean head

Report | 12/22/2012 8:35 pm

lil bean head

I'm pretty sure it is!
Getting ready for college and attending all the events?
I'm doing great! Finally on winter break hehehehe
lil bean head

Report | 11/04/2012 11:15 pm

lil bean head

holaaa old friend~
how are youuu heart
how's high school?
Truths and Lies

Report | 04/23/2011 9:45 pm

Truths and Lies

Ah, I might have a chance to be working too. And i just realized
how fast time has been rolling x ( I remember when i first met
you i was still in the 6-7th grade D;
Truths and Lies

Report | 04/23/2011 9:05 am

Truths and Lies

wow, your really pact on schedual! Hopefully during
the summer you'll be free? I guess HS life is really
busy x D {{even if i'm in HS to.. i'm the carefree a lot of
time on their hands one. I can't do extracurricular since
my school is to far from my home and no one can drive
me around ; n ; well.. i just have to wait till my parents
finally agree to let me get my permit
Truths and Lies

Report | 04/21/2011 4:09 pm

Truths and Lies

Now that is really upsetting.. hopefully you can go and your plans for going
out of town may be rescheduled.. x ( It's really upsetting when things like
that happen.
Truths and Lies

Report | 04/21/2011 4:02 pm

Truths and Lies

yeah, i agree. x )
Truths and Lies

Report | 04/16/2011 8:16 pm

Truths and Lies

hmm.. probably. But for some reason.. it seems like the future will be a trouble for
us all. After all what about economy? America's economy is going down the toilet..
Who knows which country would have the upper power after america?
It's just a sad thought to see what might happen to those less fortunate..
Truths and Lies

Report | 04/14/2011 3:32 pm

Truths and Lies

It is very complex.. But maybe creating new things Also creates new jobs.. Ahh the world is so much more confusing these days.
Truths and Lies

Report | 04/12/2011 5:07 pm

Truths and Lies

x) well i think it's better to write it out then actually have it on a computer.
It feels much more.. lasting. I dunno what im saying ; n ; but it just feels
good to know its with your own hand strokes
hm, around 5-6 times in my life. ^^; hopefully where i am will be my last!
Truths and Lies

Report | 04/11/2011 3:46 pm

Truths and Lies

Same > n < to many abandoned.. cosplaying accounts!

Oh my gosh~ i would love to read your writing some day c:
I'm good at being creative but not so good with my grammar
skills.. o n o; which is sad.. I blame my old teachers in the past..
they never taught me.. (also cause i've moved around so much
that the education in the areas i've moved to are totally different)