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Last Login: 12/03/2020 5:13 am

Registered: 12/09/2007

Gender: Male

Birthday: 04/12


Name: Zach
Aliases: Z, Xious Alion, X
Hobbies: Video games and YouTube videos.
Musical interests: Breaking Benjamin, Linkin Park, Seether, just to name a few.

Social Media (if you'd like to know them):

Snapchat: TheDoubleZTV
Instagram: TheDoubleZTV
PSN/Xbox Live/Steam: TheDoubleZTV
Nintendo: DoubleZWWE

There you go, now you know something about myself.


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Black Rabbit Alice-Chan Report | 08/18/2020 7:53 am
Black Rabbit Alice-Chan
thank for purchasin! hope you got somethin good
aznpuppyluver Report | 07/03/2020 8:43 pm
Thanks for buying! biggrin
keeet v2 Report | 05/22/2020 3:16 am
keeet v2
30k plat for headphones
BongWizard Nostradamus Report | 05/09/2020 6:10 am
BongWizard Nostradamus
the power of separate thought must become the thought of separate powers!
BongWizard Nostradamus Report | 05/07/2020 10:43 am
BongWizard Nostradamus
why have 150-170 degree awareness when you could have 360 degree awareness? aren't owls/some insects more advanced than us? why don't *our* bodies produce viscous fluids that eventually become spherical oddities? reincarnation isn't that bad, humanity is the free trial where we get to test the basic features first. maybe I'll have claws or wings or a redundant nervous system next go round?
BongWizard Nostradamus Report | 05/06/2020 9:46 am
BongWizard Nostradamus
Mark Fisher wrote a book. He explains how some of the malaise we experience isn't all that personal. Looking at depression as an illness and not as something with a cause that grows from another area of our lives might not be the best way of thinking about it. I'm not the best at expressing his ideas, but I'm sure with 5 minutes of effort I could gather the specific texts in which our commie sadboii details mental illness.
BongWizard Nostradamus Report | 05/03/2020 9:42 pm
BongWizard Nostradamus
I remember being in some sort of gaia family for like a week. I watched youtube vids from centuries ago. I suppose I've always been rather peculiar about people suffering from depression . . . have you heard of Mark Fisher?
BongWizard Nostradamus Report | 05/03/2020 7:12 am
BongWizard Nostradamus
z! you probably don't remember me at all! how are ya? seeing your username made me all nostalgic for about 15 seconds!
Xioth The White Report | 07/12/2019 5:54 am
Xioth The White
I'm sorry about your loss.

At the same time, congratulations for 1mill subs man.
Bijou Lepew Report | 10/21/2018 5:52 am
Bijou Lepew
Thanks for buying! heart




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Breaking Through by The Wreckage

My Favorite Song, The Diary of Jane by Breaking Benjamin

Nobody Praying For Me by Seether

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Relationship Status: Single since October 17, 2016.

The friends that I hold dear.

R.I.P. to my ex-gf/ex-Gaia wife Deanna.9/15/17

Over 12 1/2 years on this site, wow.