A Little About Me

yum_cupcake Hi everyone. smile I'm Darian and I am a very yum_pie
yum_donut respectful and understanding girl. Hehe, yes, I'm a female. yum_salmon
yum_strawberry My name works for both sexes. If people want to know me yum_puddi
yum_tea better, here's a little description: My birthday is May 26, I want my yum_tuna
yum_strawberrypie career to have something to do with art when I grow older, yum_onigiri
yum_icecreampie I don't have a favorite color, I am in the making of being yum_shrimp
yum_tuna trilingual (English, Español, and Nihongo), I really like sweets in case one yum_pumpkinpie
yum_burger hasn't noticed yet hehe, and I like to be grammatically correct (I don't like yum_tamago
yum_donut miss typing something one bit!). If one is interested, add me as a yum_strawberry
yum_cupcake friend, send a message, leave a comment, or do whatever. Have a yum_donut
yum_puddi wonderful day!

Darian heart