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OKAY THAT PICTURE IS NOT A SERIOUS PICTURE. it was just me having fun with my friends, it was in the middle of the previews for up. xD and i was like goofing around.

Well, my name is Nina. I'm fifteen years of age and moving into my junior year. I will be sixteen years here soon and my parents are planning a big extravaganza for such an occasion.

Me in general though it far from that, i'm not very involved in manythings because of church seeing as it devours most of my time and i love it. i also am in crew. which is olympic rowing, quite the fun sport but it gives me a ton of blisters. My favorite color is yellow and i love just about anything that's colorful. For the most part I'm an outgoing person, I have a tendency to complain and whine however hard i try not to. In real life i'm pretty darn quiet but when i get to know you, i'm not shutting up. xD it's just my personality.
i love you all, =D!