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Name: Dosandos Versandez
Race: Neko/fallen angel
Age:35'000(appears 18 )
Build:well built
Hair color: Black with gold(the gold is real 24 carat)
Skin Tone: Tan
Eye color: grey
Distinguishing features: A scar over his right eye and 3 on his left cheek, also his upper body has several scars. On his right bicep to the elbow is a tattoo of thorns to a black rose, and on the left bicep to the elbow is a thorns to a red rose. On his back is a pair of tribal designed wings. Always wears shades and guaze to prevent one power and the gauze to hide his tattoo's.
Pic: http://kugoro.deviantart.com/art/Dosandos-Versandez-shirtless-142865240
Voice: Gentle deep caring voice, with a tinge of happiness.
Personality: A deep caring person, dos looks out for the well being of others even at his own risk. Very protective of his friends looking out for their well being at all times, even if it means him being severly hurt. Enjoys being a shoulder to cry on and helping people. A very random person at times, and a constant source of happiness despite the darkness of his past.
Family: St. Micheal (archangel,father), Lillith(mother of all demons, mother) Nosferatu Versandez(twin brother, deceased), Kugoro Versandez(Half-brother, deceased), Rosemary Versandez (Half-sister,deceased), Jashathanos Versandez ( Half-brother, deceased)

Powers: Can look into a person's eyes and see their soul, when he touches an inanimate object he can see the past dealing with it. Powerful fire manipulator and conjureror (also fire proof). a pair of black wrist blades hides in each wrist which can slide out. Has enhanced senses, reflexes, stamina,endurance, speed (can run at a top speed of 40 km/hr but it puts a lot of strain on his body) & strength (can lift a max. of 3 tonnes). His tears can heal wounds, his blood a dangerous poison(causes vivid hallucionations, vomiting and severe pain in all joints). Slightly enhanced healing ( wounds heal at double the rate).

Talents: a highly talented warrior, Dos is highly trained in several fighting forms but excels at close quarter combat, hand to hand combat. swordfighting (all forms), knife fighting and the use of a bo staff in battle. A very talented dance but enjoys belly dancing and strip tease the most. A good guitarist and singer. A good cook and barteder, excels at baking though.

Bio-Born from the archangel St.Micheal and the mother of all demons Lillith, Dos until recently was mistaken of his and his family's true parentage. As a newborn babe he was sent to the human realm during the ice age, upon which he was cocooned in ice.This cocoon would melt during the start of man in ancient egypt upon which he was adopted by a married slave couple.

From there he was entered into slavery, where he was beaten with whips and fists. This though did not damage his child like exuberance at all. Upon turning 7 though the firey powers which had been bubbling inside him burst out, leaving a small village with nothing left of the people but ash. The egyptian pharoah decreed he was to be sealed away in a stone box. He spent years in this box slowly becoming depressed and alone. Now due to his powers finally unleashing his aging process had slowed, to the point where he finally appeared 8 in 336 BC, the start of Alexander the great's reign. During that time he was shipped and traded to Alexander as a form of war weapon.

When the Emporer of Macedon saw the young boy, he instead adopted him as his son. Though when Alexander died the young Dosandos was captured by a slave trader who liking the youthful appearance and body of him used him for his dark means. After the man had defiled Dos's child essence, Dos was put into the sex slave trade. He would spend a yr as the slave of a elderly man until his powers once again unleashed and burnt the man till nothing was left.
While running away, his body on fire but not burning he was captured by a roman battalion. He would spend yrs a part of rome as their weapon, forced to find a way to control and contain his powers through painful and horrible methods.When Caesar took over he saw the now 10yr old Dos as a means to absolute power. But on March 15/44 BC the young Dos completely burnt the Dictator's body until it was unrecognizable using his now controled power.

Dos would then disapear until 1896 where he was a part of a traveling freak show as the cat man. During his disapearance he had ventured the world, going to china and spending time there learning the ways of the shaolin monk, and meditation to better control his powers. After China he went to Japan leanring the ways of the samurai and ninja. He would then head to europe to learn fencing, guerilla warfare among other things.

During this time he would ponder about the family he most obviouslt had but didn't know of. He would meet this family in 1970 (he appeared 25 then) where his siblings were killed in an assualt by a mad priest known as Zarathan.

He would spend 30yrs searching for Zarathan for vengeance until he found him a withered old man in 2000 AD. Upon seeing the withered husk of a man he decided to leave the man in peace and banishing his dark thoughts and side away from him. Thats when his memmory goes blank , he remembers the people he met but none of the events for the past 9yrs after his last death where he sacrificed himself to save a train of people. His body having upon rebirth taking on the more youthful appearance of his 18yr old form. All he has left of the events is a gold wedding ring he knows nothing of so he wears it around his neck.

Curse of Rebirth- Is cursed to reborn 9 times before dieing finally.
-he has died 6 times-

Curse of Blood- is cursed to never be able to be helaed by any other source then his own healing systems. Any other forms of being healed causes the wounds to worsen.

Interesting facts- depsite his cat nature he is highly allergic to catnip, ah lifes lil irony's

-coming soon-



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hey man it's been a while
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ello biggrin
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yeps. oh my gosh track is like BLAH
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cleaning and stuff and preparing for track this coming week
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yeps we had yummy tcaos
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yeps we celebrated my youngest sis 13th bday she is born on the 11th
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^_- thanks and happy vday to you too Dos-san
AlucardVampireSlayer Report | 02/13/2010 9:22 pm
i know im so excited ^-^
AlucardVampireSlayer Report | 02/12/2010 2:53 pm
we finally have a track team for this year so thats good
AlucardVampireSlayer Report | 02/08/2010 11:11 pm
and so they cancled lame.
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