Finally Redid my About me 6/16/09

Welcome everyone to my profile.. glad you were able to find it.
A little about me before you judgmental people start saying crap about me when you don't know me... Do your research.

I am 16 years old and my birthday is 01/11/1993.
My real name is Barry, but I prefer to be either called Gona (Gaiain nickname) or Ghost (Real Life Nickname).
I live in Las Vegas, Nevada. Not the one in New Mexico or where ever else. The Real Las Vegas. I am 5'10 and I enjoy playing Basketball, Mountain Biking, Swimming, Hanging with Friends, and also spending time with my grandmother. (I am a grandma's boy. Get over it. I love her to death and she means the absolute world to me)
I was born in Moscow, Russia. my Bloodline is Russian and Ukrainian.
I am Bi-Polar. so watch out.
I get easily aggravated... But i calm down quickly most of the time.

I am an Exchanger.. I am currently questing for 1500k so I may Open a charity so I may once again help others....
I Love to donate to people... But I will NOT donate if you ask... Do not randomly Message me and say "OMG ur so rch cn u spare me 100k?" If you want to talk to me, be literate. i can't stand when people txt tlk 2 mi lke ths.

I have well over 100 people on my ignore list. If you beg. I will ignore you... If you try and scam me.. your ignored.

I Value my friends over anything and everything. The only thing I value over my friends is my family...
Feel free to PM me if you want to have a conversation...


Shama's Records

This is a collection of great deals, things that have had happened in my real life and my Gaian life, and much much more.




I suppose I will stay.
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