Hi my name is Michael Bray.... YES I know I know but your avi is a girl and all that jaz I know lol but you know what.... the girls get the better clothes XD. I am currently 22 years old and mostly self employed doing the odd jobs and selling my picture frames to local photographers. I am planning on setting up a store for that soon XD.

I enjoy anime allot but I tend to try to read manga more often seeing as you usually get more story out of the manga then you do anime.... like when there is only one season of an anime yet there is like 300 chapters of the manga... so yeah I read manga allot lol.

I also like working on computers for my friends and family and anyone who in my church knows about it they tend to come to me XD

Speaking of church yes I do go and I love it XD. God has helped me allot in the last year or so. I am just starting to understand more and more seeing as i can be a slow learner smile .

Thats all for now hope you all drop me a line and talk with me as i get back into gaia more and more XD