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rory namikaze on 06/15/2019

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mah name is dope_nigerian_princess but friends remade me to princess. i'm pretty much a boii crazy chick need boys like i need air =D basically im pretty much a wahcky chick whu like to jokee around wif da goonies :] imm currently takenn by the hottest nikka who has the best swag you've eva seen :] XD i have a bunch of haters but whu gives a fuqq my haters are my number one fans ;] well this is me if you wanna hit me up with a msg :]


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Total Value: 63,937 Gold
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Item List:
warpFlare shoes
Lime Ring Pop
Lime Ring Pop
Green/Yellow Sun Visor
Green Solar Flare Belly Tattoo
Green Space Girl Bikini Top
Green Heart Hairpin
Green Heart Face Tattoo
Gorgeous Green Criss Cross Swim Bottom
Elemental Wings
Angelic Earmuffs
March Birthstone Crown

this is tha dream avi. donate to help pleaze. and will return tha favor.xD