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This is a short story about me. Where should I even begin? It all started when I was 7 years old, having big dreams, wanting to become something in the future. I was stuck in my head, thinking of some things i could become in the future that i might enjoy doing. I couldn't think of anything at all. I left my room walking towards the kitchen, to grab a snack. As i was walking towards the kitchen. I saw my father in the living room, doing something in his book, from afar. Ignoring the fact i didn't care what was he doing. I only thing i cared about was getting a snack to feed my stomach. After getting my snack. I couldn't help but to think to myself what on earth is my father is doing in his book. I went into the living room. sat on the couch. Turn on the TV. Cartoons is on and i just sat and watch it, ignoring reality. after it was done, commercial begin to play. I look an see what my father was doing inside his book. "Dad what are doing inside of your book?" I ask. Thinking to myself will he say non of your business or something. Until he gave me a response. "I am drawing some wacky characters i have in mind." He responded while showing me a few character. My eye lit up with excitement. Couldn't believe he actually drew so cool and a bit funny. So I had to ask a question. A question to an answer i am looking for.
"Father, how do you draw so well?" I ask, while looking at him, waiting for a response."Son, I would just look at an image of a famous cartoon character, and try my best to mimic the image on separate piece of paper." I just couldn't believe what he said, the answer was starting right in my face this whole time. But it was a good thing i ask, i just wanted to know how he done it so well in the first place. I got myself a piece of white clean copy paper, and search on my family computer and search up bug bunny. This was my first attempt, i tried so hard to mess up on his ears and eyes. But it just wasn't cutting it for me, my hands were shaking, making the pencil move in a direction i didn't want to move it to. As time progress, i begin to see a major change, images i would look up would be almost be the same. However, i didn't even care. What i did cared about was getting better, and enjoy something so beautiful on paper made by me. To express myself freely, without any worries. I am really am grateful of my father giving me an answer i was looking. Without having the courage on asking my father how was able to get what he love. Then non of this would make this person i am today, and even tell you the reader about my story. Thank you so much on reading this, and even seeing the key changes in my life as i progress.


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okay but wow Report | 01/08/2019 8:23 pm
okay but wow
A rocking chair Report | 01/07/2019 6:27 pm
A rocking chair
wtf bro you just left me
Saving You Report | 01/02/2019 12:37 pm
Saving You
Its all good and your name sounds very familiar eek surprised
did you happen to date someone recently whose name started with a J? sweatdrop
pleasurably depressed Report | 12/31/2018 9:37 pm
pleasurably depressed
hi i saw you in rally n just wanted to say i enjoyed reading the short story about you on your profile smile happy new years x
Saving You Report | 12/11/2018 12:35 am
Saving You
Ooooof and fellow person....what is your name? eek
*pokes your face*
Saving You Report | 12/11/2018 12:05 am
Saving You
Who is you? O w O
Magicle Report | 12/05/2018 2:20 pm
Thanks for buying My Lusty! heart
ZerionXion Report | 11/15/2018 5:22 pm
Stray Junkie Report | 11/10/2018 5:31 am
Stray Junkie
First!!! emotion_omnomnom



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