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Hi there whee
It's been a while since i've last opened my gaia..
So hi again, everyone biggrin /

um okay I love anime and Japanese things (cultures, languages, etc),
and i'm a big fan of My First Story ;;v;;;;
i'm from indonesia, and it's nice to meet you guys

apparently i'm on my 3rd year in junior high school and
i'm semi hiatus here because of school works ;v;
i'll try my best to stay online whenever i can xD

twitter: @bumacon | osu!: Picchannn12 | insta: nekgres


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FuzzyPotatoes Report | 04/28/2018 8:50 am
Thanks for buying!
Yugane Report | 11/20/2016 9:37 pm
bblee123 Report | 11/01/2014 9:55 am
awwh.. no need to be sorry for anything wink you didn't do anything wrong~ *gently rubs your head*
mm~ well it works both ways ;D *giggles* i thank you too~
you're a very sweet girl ^O^

oh..? not adorable mm? wink *giggles* don't belittle yourself ;D you are adorable and sweet~ >w<

ah hahah! i feel you ;D lately i haven't been getting enough sleep too! i am on attachment and i always have to travel pretty far ><
so i have to wake up early and work till late xD so when the weekends come, i just long to sleep >w<

ahh yes xD you and i are in the same boat~ haha! just let it go~ and don't argue with our mums.. we won't hear the end of it anyway xD hahaha! isn't it? wink

thank you for your support! ^O^ you're really very kind~!
aww! don't fret it ;D you probably talk loud with the girls because you are comfy with them, but awkward with the guys because you're don't know them well yes? smile

oh gosh!! please get well soon! DX well, you're probably well by now~ *giggles*
thank you so much for thew water though~ ;D *takes the bottle of water from you and gently wipes your mouth with a tissue*
hehehe~ ^O^ i do drink water when i'm hungry though~ but i drink a different type of water wink it's alkali water ^O^ instantly makes the acid in your tummy go *poof*!
shy gh0st Report | 10/24/2014 10:23 pm
shy gh0st
you're welcome! redface
bblee123 Report | 10/21/2014 7:41 pm
awwh don't worry~ ;D thank you for replying to my ridiculously long message ><
you're so nice and sweet~ ^O^
well, i can say the exact same for you~ you're super nice and people like yourself are hard to find nowadays wink
that's why i am really grateful to be your friend >w<

hehe~ what's there to be embarrassed about? ;D *gently pats your head* you're totally adorable!
my pleasure~ ;D it's the least i can do for you~ i'll always support you from behind so don't worry~ ^O^
you have to go to a cram school?? surprised well, i really know how you feel >< when i didn't do as well as i wanted to, i got an earful from my mum xD haha!

awwh.. thank you for your support! you're really a sweetheart~ *gently rubs your head and giggles* i won't be surprised if someone likes you one day x3

oh i haven't told you anything about myself yet? o-o
mm.. besides internship.. i'm actually falling sick xD haha! a lil bit because of Indonesia's haze.. (which they passed to us >< wink
and probably because i didn't drink enough water xD but that's about it~
bblee123 Report | 10/11/2014 9:39 pm
awwh! you're very welcomed~ biggrin and thank you too! >w<
you're equally sweet too! *giggles and pats your head* you cherish your friends well~ ;D

that's why you should be cherished too! >w< people like you are hard to come by ;D

yup exactly smile hehe~ you understand the pain in others when their friends leave.. you're really a sweetheart you know~ whee
i'm really proud of you! *hugs you back close*

wow!! congrats!! you did sooo well!! ^O^ you deserve a pat! and well.. more than that actually x3
hehehe~ supporting you is the least i can do ;D

OMG!! thank you so much for your support as well! *hugs you tight* you're really so sweet! >///<
and i'll try to rest up as much as i can ;D thank you!
are you on your holidays now btw? biggrin
bblee123 Report | 10/08/2014 7:53 am
*giggles and hugs you close* awwh! but it;s the truth! you really mean a lot to me~ ^O^
well.. i still try to come online because i miss everyone >w< like yourself~
i know how you feel when your friends no longer come online because they are too busy with their lives~ everyone moves on at some point..
i know exactly how that feels.. and that's probably why i don't wanna leave x3 *giggles* otherwise it'll hurt my dear friends like yourself ;D *gently pats your head*

oh my my! all the best to your exams! ^O^ you have my support so give it all you got ok? >D
well, recently i've been posted to a company as part of an internship surprised hehe~ i got to do more admin stuff than i could think off xD
makes me actually pity the admins.. those workloads are insane! ><
bblee123 Report | 10/06/2014 8:43 am
awwh! i don't mind much~ *giggles* new or old usernames, you matter the most! ^O^
as long as you're happy and safe~ ehh, that's what matters to me~ x3

*smiles* so! what have you been up to? biggrin anything mew lately?
kittyxlover1212 Report | 10/05/2014 10:28 pm
heart heart Thanks so very much for buying from me sweetheart! heart heart
bblee123 Report | 09/27/2014 12:25 am
oh my! surprised it's been too long! erm.. >< i can't quite recall though..
but i do know that you're a really precious friend of mine..

could you refresh my memory for me? x3



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