I'm just a simple pianist with deafening eyes and an inviting smile. I try not to stare people in the eyes for to long for I feel as though I am consuming them, and I oppose this feeling.

I play a mean guitar as well, give me your battered your tuneless, stained guitar and let them into my hands. I'll make music with whatever you have, a true musicians sound lies within his talent not the instrument.

Give me a good book and I will read it. Give me a bad book and I will recite to you the reasons why it should not be allowed in the literature category, but rather in the fire sustaining one.

Challenge me to a fight and I will remove my shirt and reveal the invisible skirt you wear. My will is strong and I will fight until my veins boil and my breath fails me.

Man and machine... I've never known a more familiar and fascinating bond. I am mechanic, more apporiately a Aeroplane/Jet Engine mechaninc. I see a machine, and I see metal, hearts and veins. I can fix about anything, heck I fix freaking flying machines, everything else is cake.

Writing; just about the most natural skill I believe to have. I love it, but at times I beleive that I am not nourishing it as much as I should.

By now you have judged me to be a serious person. Far from the truth, I am probably the most random person you will ever meet whos life exsistenace is filled with random syntax errors and flying pooh bear and all the lot, only people who have been througly enlightened tend to understand my means. and and and I am horrible at spelling, I havn't fully assimilated the whole "I" before "e" thingy. But I trust you have also noticed my wonderful grammer smile


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You're sex on a box... User Image

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i love you dude.

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Dude! That's crazy, 2.47g?

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hey dude, wha r u doing? Well anywsy I'm here...fishing


This... is me.
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