My real name is Chase but my mother wanted my name to be donnie i was told. here is a little about me!

Im your typical guy with pros and cons. i live life to the fullest and get what i can out of it.I want to make a difference in the world and im going to start with myself. Im myself and there is nothing anyone can do about that. I dont see myself changing for anyone anytime soon. I am not the most greatest guy in the world we ALL have our little flaws and thats what makes us different from one another. I do not lack social skills i have a need to have intelligent conversation here and there. If i find you lame or you just make me mad i will not be afraid to tell you im very outspoken about what i think. i will say just about anything that is on my mind unless i feel the need not to. I love to make people laugh and smile and i am pretty good at both so i have been told. Some people dont tend to think highly of me so some reason's that plague their minds. I myself am not a bad person but man and women are sinners. I can be soft spoken and sweet when i need to be but i can also be the worst person you know because some people cant handle the truth im not afraid to tell them but hey im really easy to talk to if i like you so that is always a good think. I can keep a secret like no other because i will forget withen like 2 days. Ihappen to love the beach and the sun. I also love the snow. I dont like to be put into a certain catagory like goth punk skater prep. I am me and that all there is to it. There is this feeling in the back of my head telling me most people will not even read this but who cares really ? Im not the most colorful guy when it comes to clothes i wera black and white some brown a little blue but really never any blue but i have a colorful personality anyone could love if you stay on my good side. bright colors are pretty much the best there is and i like to draw with them but i also like to draw with a pencil. I believe there is a government conspiracy out to get us all and im not the only one who do you think is listening to your phone calls, there is something bigger out there and the common man does not know about it. *IM A RASTA GUY* haha. I find that the most perfect place to be is on a couch with a few of my friends just chillin and doing some crazy s**t. If i could put my friends in my pocket i would but they my like die or someting. I am a night guy i dont care to do much during the day i like to go out at night and fool around see what trouble i can get into without being caught. I tend to push my limits with people to test them to see how far they will go. I can read most people just by looking at them and im pretty good at that. I will learn about you as we talk i may not look or act like im listening but i really am trust me. The human mind tends to fascinate we know so little about our own minds it's kinda crazy if you think about it. I have found out that i am very good with words and the way i use them. Im about peace and love i mean who doesnt want peace and love in our world of hate. hate will never be gone and we will never have a lasting peace this is just how the human race is we always love to think we are better we are number one we are all the same really i may come off as i hate these people those people but not really i just like to make fun of people thats who i am it's not for what people say "TO MAKE MYSELF FEEL BETTER" i do it in mostly sarcastic ways but some people cant handle that. I'm all in favor of kindness and service to others, but not when it means allowing others to manipulate us. Refusing to allow others to walk all over us is not about being selfish or self-centered, but it's being self-aware. It's about understanding we are responsible for our own lives. If we GIVE IN to others, we GIVE UP on ourselves. I have and always will be and indapendent person i have never been able to depend on people not even friends there is always a risk of being let down and im not about to be let down by someone who is not me. What i mean is i rather be indapendent and fail the be depending on someone and win. It's not about weither you win or loose it's what you can accomplish during your life. I believe in finding true love at any point in life hey maybe you found your true love when you were five back home on the ranch! Love will strike us all at different times and so far i have yet to find that but there is no rush in that department i have ups and downs with love just like anyone else. I am really surprised that i am still writing all of this it seems very long and i normaly dont like to just sit an type stuff im not that person im an active person i always have to be doing something. This is all kinda just non-sense but this is my mind this is me like it or not this is what you are getting when you talk to me. Please dont be afraid to ask me any questions regarding anything you may have on your mind OH and i have also been told i give really good advice i just wish i could follow it myself sometimes. ™


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Your avi is so cool. He's like yo yo yo i'm bad a** look at me be bad a**

BAD a**!


My real name is Chase.

Signs they make me happy.

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