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gaia_crown Welcome to my store! gaia_crown

A Marketplace Veteran. You will find daily updates.

For animal avatar fans, since I am not fond of them, I offer the lowest price for Paw items. Without exceptions.

Do not ask for discounts, prices are final.

Some items are discounted, but as part of outfits.

Happy shopping!

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Fashion Editor and Pokémon Master.

I'm returning to Gaia after a long time, thankful for the people I fondly remember who are still here, and willing to meet new faces.


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White_Tigery Report | 06/20/2019 1:44 pm
Thank you for buying <3
Love your avatar so beautiful!❤️
Queentintin Report | 05/07/2019 9:53 am
hehe, and beautiful! love the colors xd
Queentintin Report | 05/06/2019 10:06 am
Nice, I like it biggrin
Queentintin Report | 05/06/2019 9:06 am
hehe thanks, I'll be changing back xd this is being rich to me, in AMG's spirit week ^^ and have fun me friend *hugs*
Queentintin Report | 05/06/2019 8:27 am
well hello there stranger lol jking =) hru?
Daffodil the Destroyer Report | 04/17/2019 1:28 pm
Daffodil the Destroyer
Oooh vacation sounds nice! Have any fun plans? My favorite place to go is always the Smoky Mountains. emotion_kirakira
Queentintin Report | 04/12/2019 6:19 am
THANKS Donna heart
Daffodil the Destroyer Report | 04/11/2019 10:11 pm
Daffodil the Destroyer
Thanks for the inky stuffs! emotion_yatta

How are you doing?
EnchantedRainne Report | 03/03/2019 4:02 pm
Have a beautiful week!!! heart
The(Sic)nessWithin Report | 02/27/2019 8:37 pm
Typically we call them yearlings smile But we only have two racing seasons - "old birds" in the spring and "young birds" in the fall. Since the yearlings get to race against birds any amount of years older than them, they just get lumped into the name lol. By a year old they're mature and ready to breed and are now additionally motivated to come home to their mate and nest. So the loft set up and training methods change a bit for the mature birds smile Their life span is pretty decent I think, very similar to dogs. 15 years is the average I usually see listed. The record was 32, and that was even more impressive because he was a captured German pigeon during WWII and retrained for our (or the English, can't remember) army to carry allied forces messages. Not only did he serve in WWI but also in WWII as a breeder. Incredible!
Of course any birds that are allowed to fly free outside are at risk of getting caught by hawks/falcons. In the wild their life spans are probably considerably shorter just because of that lol. But such is nature. My breeders I keep safe in the loft and the flying team I usually let out to fly once or twice a day for as long as they want to fly, and as soon as they land I call them in to eat to lessen the chance of a hawk hit while they lounge around outside. Days that I have the time to sit out and supervise, I'll let them be pigeons and roam around the yard picking at the grass and dirt. Some people are more strict and don't allow ground time, but I think it's good for them. Maybe a higher risk of worms but I give them a dewormer regularly anyway lol. Anyway, my oldest bird recently passed so that was pretty sad sad Not only was she getting up there in age, but she was my oldest as far as how long I had her. I got her as a young bird when I was 10, so she was 16! Had a long, pampered life and lots of descendents lol. I got a photo of me holding her with my son on my lap petting her, a few months before she passed. So at least I have that and good memories to remember her by smile Her name was Mystique, one of my very first homing pigeons.

As for the racing career, I think most only race them for 4 or 5 years before retiring them. With only so much space (plus most races have entry limits per person), you gotta make room for the up and coming birds to prove themselves. The older ones are typically stocked if they did well or perhaps used as foster parents if they themselves didn't make the cut for whatever reason. Or given away or sold (I personally like to pay it forward and help out new fanciers with birds for free smile I've never really been out to make money as I just do this for fun/love of the breed)