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H34LTH on 08/09/2020
iLonelyPanda on 05/24/2020

A little Piece of me♥

Headline- "When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show life you have a thousand reasons to smile.♥"
Nicknames-Doki, Pocki, Lulu, The big cheese, Guapa.(make me a nickname?♥)
Member since-2008♥
Birthdayday-December ♥ 8th
Location-Cali (:
Occupation-Day Dreaming♥
Status- Single♥
Love them♥-Jasmine, Sean, Kenny, Lucy, Val, Andy, Kristii, Katie, and more (no order♥)
Loves♥- The Beach, Ukulele, pink, Pocky, Honest people, random comments, Strawberries, starbucks, sleeping, laughing, dancing, singing, and so much more.♥
Hates-Liars and school

"Anger is only love disappointed"

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Doki O_O

WARNING:This profile was made by Lucy's imagination.Jocking is NOT allowed in this zone!!!