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Hey there folks, My name is Alex and i'm a 27 year old British musician that's easily amused, Pretty content with life and likes to laugh.

I've been here on gaia for about 14 years and i don't ever regret (Even though i joke about it all the time) making the decision to make my first account so long ago. I've met a lot of wonderful people in my time here and had a lot of different experiences, And while i don't think my time spent here now is nearly as exciting as it once was I'm still drawn back here.
Most of my time spent here now is hanging out in the forums. If you want to have a chat about whatever whether you're having problems or just feel like having a conversation feel free to get in touch with me, I'm always down with it.

When i'm not online here I'm usually in my discord server where i spend a lot of my time hanging out and playing games with some very good friends. Three of which being some of the best friends i have that have helped me through a lot and just been great people in general.

Anyway thanks for reading if you have, Don't be afraid to approach me if you feel like making a new friend because i'm always happy to meet new people.
Take it easy eh? heart

Stay Dandy

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