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dog demon warrior Yumakai

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Gender: Male

Birthday: 10/04

Iketahara Lei San
SakaieUma Lei San
Akomi Unako
Iaka Unako
Kai Unako
Koga Unako
Kami Unako
Shippo the adult
Sariah Rosuky
Arrow Unako
Dog lord InuYasha

my big gaian sister! ^^

my mean and evil spoiled twin -_- i cant believe she 4 minutes younger than me....

and my older twin who is 3 minutes older than me ^^

and awsome and sweet baby sister!

Im The mom!

my soulmate Akomi <3

My aunt Sariah and Uncle Shippo

"aunt" Iaka and "uncle" Koga

Akomis twin brother Kami

Kami and Akomi/ retard Kai's older brother Arrowaka Arie's bf

The stupid fleabag Kai -_-

I'm the dad