"DOCTORRX" Character from 1942 a movie "The Strange Case of Doctor Rx"

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    i enjoy the fact i met sum very special people here even more.
    I hope GAIA adds more things for us to interact in.
    Why dont they let U hug someone?
    we should be able to hand someone a bunch of flowers or an item without having to go through the website inventory gifting system.
    Well as you can tell from my profile i love animals nature rock and roll well any GOOD music really and value sincere honest friendly people the most.
    if u don't know me plz dont come begging for donations. i made my gold by learning the ropes of buy low sell high and strategic marketing within gaias open market.


ALL ANIMALS goto mtv/hollywood 1 RM=doctorrx! pool area! u can invite pet owners & friends too!!

please be a small animal if you can

if you cant be a small animal then any animal will do but perhaps a tall animal (human with ears and a tail?)

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catkatrulyyy Report | 02/02/2020 11:52 pm
crying I hope you’re doing okay .
catkatrulyyy Report | 10/09/2019 7:10 pm
God I miss you . Please come back
catkatrulyyy Report | 04/12/2019 8:56 pm
I miss you 😭😭😭😭. Please come back .
Devilish Sinny Report | 06/30/2018 9:34 pm
Devilish Sinny
Still hope you are doing okay. I have miss you terribly. Hope you would return one day. This is Mirissa Storm.
flamesoftheheart Report | 03/19/2018 2:06 pm
I hope you are doing okay ! We all miss you a lot Derrick . Maybe one day you'll pop back on . I hope you remember me ( Anastasia) we have been friends for along long time ! Even your sister has disappeared. We never got to meet in person ... Maybe one day ? Love you lots , please take care and be safe . Hope all is well with you and your family !
catkatrulyyy Report | 11/30/2017 8:50 pm
I miss my best friend 😢. I wish you would just come back even for just a hello. I miss you a lot and I know others do as well . You made so many friends on here. I remember our talks. I remember your migraines. I remember giving you advice. Gosh I wish I could just see a hello from you. I think about all the conversations we had and how I wish to just see your name with an online active, everyone of your friends would be etastic. Come back soon !
Devilish Sinny Report | 06/11/2017 10:12 pm
Devilish Sinny
This is the first time I have seen or heard any sort of update from you. I check gaia every so often but I always check your profile in hopes to see you on so we can catch up. I always wonder how things have been for you and had always wished you the best with those pesky headaches. Living on a farm huh? Being outside is the best medicine. I doubt that you'll remember me (Does Mirissa ring a bell? Probably not. xd )but know that you are thought of. People care about you. It's okay to not to come back but I hope your sister keeps you updated on who writes you in your comments. Im probably writing too much now.

Remember to take care of yourself first. You come first, whether it is making sure you have food in your belly or making the toughest decisions to make yourself happy.

catkatrulyyy Report | 04/15/2017 10:05 am
I wish you would return to Gaia to talk to all of your friends . We all miss you !
catkatrulyyy Report | 01/16/2017 9:35 pm
I hope your doing okay and hope you come back to Gaia soon 😭 We all miss you .
catkatrulyyy Report | 06/12/2016 10:09 pm
I miss you 😢 Wish you would come back . Gaia isn't fun without you . Hope your doing okay .

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doc says he misses all of you and sorry but he might never come back. he found a gf and is helping to keep his uncles farm running. he says he wishes everyone a happy life and dont forget the grunny -patty his sis-

hello im patty his sister. so he asked me to update his profile. i forgot how so i will just add the update here.emma is history after the cops escorting the crazy b***h off the farm with now a restraining order. she just wont let go. oh yeah derrick has a new girl that apparently has some history with emma hence the drama. i told him he needs to move back home but he insists on staying on the farm. anyhow i miss my little brother. i keep thinking he will return. why else would he have me update his gaia profile? well i know he must miss you all-patty-