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About le me~

Ello! 3nodding Wazzup? I'm Doctor-Major!!! So! I'm a huuuuuge Doctor Who fan! (Whovians unite!!!!) And a Pegasister! 4laugh I looooooooove to sing, play intruments and aaaanything music related!!! (My favorite band is The Beatles) I also like to draw and animate!! I have a flipnote hatena account, so you can go watch mah flipnotes! whee (id:RockyRaccoon) Anyway, I'd love to make friends on gaia! So... stare LET'S BE FRIENDS!!! blaugh Okay okay. I'm not always this strange!!! scream But I usually am. xp
K bai!!!!!!
And no, I don't have a friggin chiggin' Facebook!!!! scream stare
Buh Bye! dramallama
Oh! Anyone like The 10th Doctor? Anyone? Anyone? ...Beuller...Beuller...? rofl


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Doctor-Major's Life Happenings

Well, obviously, I'm going to be writing about the strange or cool events in my life. I'm most likely to make movie, Doctor Who, and meme references. I'm part of the wierd people in my school. Not those preps, Nooo way, Jose. So these entries will be

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1000 Reasons To Love Me Report | 10/10/2012 11:14 pm
1000 Reasons To Love Me
whee Hello. I think that is quite awesome that your school is doing a Suessical, I enjoy Dr. Suess as much as the next person. So tell me how it goes I would love to hear about it. Sincerely DiabolicalStrain.
Froots1717 Report | 08/04/2012 10:18 pm
cool avi

(miss change it every 10 seconds)
Totha Vey Report | 06/06/2012 5:01 pm
Totha Vey
Hail to the Timelords of Gallifrey!

Brilliant work, Doctor. PS... I've a friend you may enjoy speaking with. Have a good time ZOMGing... lead the squad to glory! And greetings once again from West Lothian, home of Gillan and Tenant...

*bows, turning on his heel and leaving...*

SKITTLES_LOVER26 Report | 05/14/2012 2:19 pm
yea you got half the stuff cuz i bought it for you
Awesome ace is awesome Report | 05/12/2012 8:18 am
Awesome ace is awesome
same here
wolfsoul2424 Report | 05/08/2012 1:21 pm
hello not a lot whee
TheRealRoseTyler Report | 05/04/2012 11:21 pm
It's an item called Imaginary Friend. smile There are also a few items that have famous Doctor items like Tom Baker's scarf, and a couple of different Doctor's screwdrivers.
Doctor-Major Report | 05/03/2012 7:17 pm
blaugh lol Yup!
SKITTLES_LOVER26 Report | 05/03/2012 7:02 pm
omg you have a lot on your wish list and hello isn't gaia amazing!!!!1 3nodding
Narcissistic Nya Report | 05/03/2012 7:01 pm
Narcissistic Nya
damn that's a huge wishlist lol



Le fanz~?


Don't pay attention to this. It was the only way to keep track of what I want and now I have like half the stuff on here. XD I'm such a noob here. X3

Got a hatena account? Watch mah flips! Aaaaaand fave meh. Plz.