Ain't I just the bees knees?
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I dye my hair.
Quite a bit..


G'day, Mates!
Name's Philip - Not Phil.
You can call me by my name...
Or Jak... Or Doctor...
Whatever floats your boat, c:
Just.... just not Phil...
I'm not too keen on that... at all... <********'.... ick..


I'm not online very much anymore.
It's been a good 6+ months since I last logged on... I think.
And it's sad because I don't really have a life XD
But, I will try and pop on more. That's a fact.

I like calling people Sugarbutt.
People have flipped their s**t on me for it;
Going absolutely Bat-s**t Insane.
But, to make it clear:
It's a cutsey name, bitches.
Calm. Yo. Tits.

Or clam 'em if you're Ariel.

I'm not as loopy as I used to be, but,
That doesn't mean I'm not a pretty cool guy.
I'm 22 years old and pretty frikken awesome.
I'm pretty open to a lot of things, and I'm slightly full of myself.
I listen to all sorts of music, and watch all sorts of things when I can.
I Love EVERYBODY :'D Well, most....
Favorite color is White, but the whole color wheel makes me SMILE~ B:

Please, go on ahead and drop me a comment.
It will brighten my day~

Look at this masterpiece
I utterly love this!
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Thank you so much, love!

Check this sexy lady out:
Scary Scribbles

Doctor Jak Mehoff