Yes people, I am, in fact, among the living. smile But not for long. razz haha jk....I hope...o_O My theme is Rikku from FF because thats my cosplay for Comic-con this year. biggrin Currently, I'm OBSESSED with The World Ends With You. <3 Neku = my second husband. biggrin <3 and Sora is my first. biggrin <3 Anyways, I apologize for never being on, it's just gaia is full of newbs now. -_- NOT THAT I'M CALLING YOU A NEWB! =D But ya, I'm more accostumed to how gaia used to be, in like 2005...>_>; With that being said, I wont log in everyday like I used to. I'll be on randomly! biggrin Anyways thank you for understanding. ^^ If you wanna talk to me, pm me, and I'll give you my aim sn, yim, hotmail, and gt. smile I know, I'm a freak who uses all of those. XP Anyways, thank you! Have a great day! Leave a comment! biggrin

-I'm a HUGE fan of Yoshi and Stitch-
-I love animals (obviously)-
-I'm a gamer-
-I love Fall Out Boy, Paramore, Larc-en-ciel, and other bands I'm too lazy to name-
-I love playing the flute-
-I love Captain Jack Sparrow-
-I love Sora from Kingdom Hearts-
-Im ALWAYS hyper, it's quiet rare to see me sad-
-Flutes own all sections!-
-Reese's and Pepsi rule-
-I'm a bando-
-I love anime and manga, some I like are: Full Metal Alchemist, Saiyuki, Fruits Baskets, Tokyo Mew Mew, Fushigi Yugi, and others that I'm to lazy to remember-
-I'm lazy-
-Flutes own all sections! (It's a true fact!!)-
-I'm weird, and proud of it-
-I hate aol (worst internet service to get)-
-I love high school, i just hate the homework-
-If you call me normal I will take that as an insult-
-If you call me weird I will take that as a compliment biggrin -
-I despise school or anything else that has to do with learning-
-I love video games-

Thanks for viewing my profile, and enjoy! biggrin

Sora Itachi
G o o f y
THANKS GUYS!!! if i forgot to put u here, let me know!!!

Thank you G o o f y for the sig! I love it! ^.^
Also, thank you tektek for the backround!

also, thanks youtube.com! i love your videos! =D

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my dream avie! <3 yes...i am aware that ill be over 9000 by the time i finally reach it....>_>

thank u for dropping by! =D


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This is my journel full of stuff that's on my mind...like a diary I guess...



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G o o f y

Report | 12/20/2008 10:23 pm

G o o f y



...yeah, dun really know what i'm doing on here xD

Report | 07/22/2008 11:43 am


Lol, is okay^^

Thanks for the Birthday wish ^u^

Report | 07/04/2008 11:20 pm


-pokes back-

Oh yes i did, i poked you!

what chu gunna do bout it braah?

*cheesy smile*

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Aw, thank you so much! ^-^ Hey, I may see you at the parade today! I'm in it too! User Image

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random hi... User Image

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I already saw Zohan remember I told you. >.< maybe we should plan a movie day and see a different movie together. well....how about it?

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heys long time no talk ey?


i've been away for a while i think...

anyways...we'll talk more laters...


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hey I'll try to go with you guys to another movie next time. ok Promise. User Image

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Watching superhero movie was great! User Image Thanks for recommending it to me.

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random hi


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It should seriously be illegal to be this adorable

Stare at the fuzzy cuteness of doom!!!