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The Kill List

Sporadic writings penned with ranty anger about anything I dmn well please. :/

Favorite Songs - Tongue Tied

Favorite Songs - We Came to Smash

Favorite Songs - Pokemon Remix

Favorite Songs - Black Girls

Other Favorite Songs

Crash - You Me At Six
Contagious Chemistry - You Me At Six
Slay It - Cryptex
Youth - Daughter
Bipolar Baby - Forever the Sickest Kids
Will add more later..

Favorite Songs - Empire



Hey there, I'm Dobsokks and I am a super huge cat fanatic. Actually, I'm on the brink of getting my own now after tumultuous pleading and hard work! I'm so excited, I'm supposed to get one by Aug. 31 at the very latest. It has taken forever to save up for one and a lot of work to convince my parents. For the last year I've been trying to learn all I can about absolutely everything cat related so that I can be the best cat owner ever.

I'm a good student and though I myself don't really want to go to college, my parents want me to so I've been getting excellent grades and applying for programs like NHS and other leadership programs so I can get into one. The reason I don't want to go to college is because I live simplistically. I don't need that big job that pays six figures because I don't use a lot of money. A normal job that pays just enough to feed and house me and a cat should be a.o.k. However, my parents think otherwise and I generally listen to everything they say so thats not going to happen. :/

I don't read a lot of books anymore because checking them out takes forever. However, I spend lots of time on and read there.

Favorite Book?
Dunno, but one that sticks out to me was The Lady in the Tower. Its about this girl whose dad (who is kind of cruel and semi-insane) locks her mother up in a tower and tells everyone that she is insane while slowly attempting to poison her so that he can remarry (set in older times).

Favorite Movie?
No Idea.

Favorite Televised Series?
Buffy the Vampire Slayer. This is the best best best series I have ever watched. I absolutely love every second of it. And sorry, I don't ship Angel with Buffy. Joss Whedon is a god. I also love Dollhouse, Misfits, Game of Thrones, and Heroes. I'm not a Doctor Who fan, but I do enjoy watching it and have watched four seasons. Its not one of my favorites but I can see that its still pretty awesome even if its not my cup of tea.

Favorite Youtubers?
xxFluffypunkxx and EllieJayden (Who doesn't? She loves Buffy and Harley Quinn just like me!)

Started Quidditch at my school and thats pretty fun (plus people bring lots of food so we have a feast afterwards).

I'm part of Earth Club and I'm asking our director (charter school) if I can start a discussion group at our school. We'd discuss philosophy and shoot existential thoughts back at each other. Plus there'd be food and it be like a chat thing to open the collective mind.

I'm also a huge Harry Potter fan but haven't reread the series in a while which kinda sucks. Oh also, my favorite poet is William Blake. K bye.


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Snappyway Report | 06/25/2013 12:21 am
aha! I see...but it's good because I can afford your clothes =p If too expensive I won't buy it hahaha. lol
Snappyway Report | 06/25/2013 12:03 am
I love your store xD biggrin

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I'm actually really antisocial on the internet (but in real life I'm super social) so don't feel bad if I run away from you on zOMG if you try to talk to me or leave the server completely if you invite me to your crew. I'm working on it but I'm still rather skittish.