Hi There,
My name is Brittany.
I started my account back in 2005. I go away for a bit but keep coming back (thankfully I remember the password)
I am super addicted to Lake Kindred. And Chance Items...

I have graduated College with a diploma in Business Administration - Focus in Accounting
I currently do all sorts of accounting at my job. AP - AR - Payroll - Billing

I have an adorable chunky grey cat named Finnigan.
We also have the cutest kitten - her name is Tillie. She has a moustache.
They are great cats and love me very much. I love being a Fur-Mom

I am a very happily married lady as of May 2018

I love to read.
I love the colour purple
Super addicted to K-Pop music. I rarely listen to english music anymore.. No regrets though.