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Dmitri Blair

Just announcments.

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My I N F O R M A T I O N

Real name: Dmitri Blair Matsuk-Evans
Alias: Dmitri, Demi
Gender: Male
Birthday: October 4, 1983
Place of orgin: Cherkassy, Ukraine
Eye Color: Hazel/Blue
Hair Color: Some shade of dark brown/black
Bio: I grew up a long time ago, maybe centuries. You would never ever know. I have a very old sole, but I'm sort of crazy. I am homosexual, don't like, please, go f*ck yourself. <3 I hate my father, with a passion.. But My brother, little sister, and mother are the greatest. As for my older sister, not so much. I have a somewhat strong connection with my religion, but have often thought of giving it up, thank you for being judgmental. I hardly ever have a good day, but it seems like whenever I talk to him, I am happy.

Also, feel free to ask me for a beautiful literate roleplay.
I pretty much always play a male character and romance with other males is my most frequented topic. (:

Dmitri Blair

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Birthday: 10/03


Dmitri Blair

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