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-I have my moments, with everything.

-Love Manga and Anime. Like to draw it, one of those moment things. Reading and watching them are cool too.

-Reading, one of my favorite things to do. I can dissapear under a good book any day.

-Writing. A big moment thing. Sometimes I can write a good story, but if I stop... I lose my concentration and that sucks.


-My friends RULE! They're a big part of my life. I love you all!!

-I'm one of those people who is weird and likes odd ball things.

-I warn you, I take things pervertedly. Watch how you talk, I can take anything wrong.

Check it out. Because it rocks!
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Almost August Report | 05/19/2009 3:19 am
I know yah do...
Almost August Report | 05/18/2009 12:40 pm
Wow... I wish someone would buy my pants for like... 18k. On gaia or in real life.

It's fine...
Almost August Report | 05/18/2009 12:37 pm
I did that not that long ago... Makes everything nicer.

Then I trashed everything. :O

Not really. He's home, but he's got to put groceries away.
Almost August Report | 05/18/2009 12:34 pm
Messing around on the computer before dad comes home and makes me get off, you?
Almost August Report | 05/18/2009 12:31 pm
Hola DM-san!
silverlocs333 Report | 05/14/2009 10:16 pm

[b]Hello there members
I know most people enjoy reading manga and watching anime! If you are interested in that stuff then go ahead and visit the forums: Manga St and Anime Corner to discuss your favorite animes and mangas!!! If something you like is missing then feel free to make your own post!!"

Lady Chocolate 1378

[u]Art Gallery[/u]
This is for all you artists out there!!Show us your work and help others with theirs!!Does not matter if you're not very good.I will give gold or items as prizes to those who have drawn very good or are trying their best!!

[u]AMV MAKERS[/u]! Attention now! Now that we've caught your attention... WE ARE HOLDING A CONTEST! Use some of your skills to enter it! It's easy as pie and trust us , you'll like some of the prizes! Even if you don't know how to make one or are interested there's a guide to make one at the topic in the contests forum just look at VIDEO AMV Contest and scroll down to the bottom of the first post. Now join! We've got four categories for you to choose , a time limit to submit now enter and get to work on that AMV. If you want to join send a PM to Sakura Mint Tea telling her a.s.a.p exactly if you're thinking of joining or not. For any other information look at the topic for the contest rules and information.

Thank you!
Dark Elves Club [/u]

Hi guys, just wanted to remind you about the Dark Elf's Club and let you know whats inside it, also to let you know that you don't have to be a elf to post there (we elf's will not bite you if your not a elf lol). If you want to know what kind of personality you are and what color you are there is a fun quiz you can take, try it-it's fun. In Elf 101 there is a ton of elf info there as well as some art work and it is being added to all the time, good place to go if you ever wanted to know about elf's. Check out the give gold and item page, it's a RAOK (now if you don't know what a RAOK is -- well I'm not telling lol you got to check it out to find out :) If you ever wanted to learn elf talk (amin istima = I am learning) there is a link to a site that has tons of elf words and the English translation. I hope to see you there :heart:

Also, If you haven't already checked out the Writers Corner (non-RP) then please do, there is some pretty good stories and poems there.

There is so much to do here at Allonsy, it's kinda like a theme park, so much to do, you cant do it all in one visit!

love u all cat~

[u]Free Lottery win 15k[/u]
Only a few slots left, so if you haven't picked a number yet you should stop in a.s.a.p

[u]Win Yourself A Suspicious Package[/u]
Check out the Contest For Gold Forum to get in on the action.

[u]Memorial Day Quiz For Gold[/b][/u]
[b]I have had a few participate but I wonder why more haven't? Only takes a few minutes and even if you don't get all the answers right you still receive gold. [/b]

[u][b]Monthly Collectible Letter [/b][/u]
[b]Goes to the member with the most posts total in the guild.

Top 10 Members with the Most Posts

1st ll Princess Peach ll 6,148
2nd X Phoenix Princess X 2,219
3rd heartylou 1,871
4th eoner 1,867
5th Lil Zania 1,885
6th Abaddon-sama 1617
7th Lady Chocolate 1378 1,565
8th xXLeslie-ChanXx 1,339
9th silverlocs333 1,306
10th Kiua_theforgotten 1,305[/b]

[b][u]Final Thoughts [/u]

I would like to Thank those who have really been active in the guild! We wouldn't have a guild if it wasn't for you.

Everyday I am banning more and more members for not being active. If you haven't introduced yourself to the guild, I'll be banning you soon. If you haven't let the guild know why you are absent, I will be banning you. If you joined to just vote for members in the avi contest, I will be banning you. If I do not hear from you personally after reading this, I'll be banning you. It is only fair to the members that want to be active and participat
silverlocs333 Report | 05/09/2009 1:04 pm
Hello Members

Sadly today I banned more members for not being active. I even let go a member who was listed in top 10 for most posts in the guild. Just because you have a lot of posts doesn't mean I will not ban you for being inactive. In the future if you not going to be active please let us know why and if you are ban you are welcome to join us again in the future, as long it was for that reason.

Top 10 Members with the Most Posted.

1st ll Princess Peach ll 6,104
2nd X PhoenixPrincess X 1,930
3rd heartylou 1,753
4th Lady Chocolate 1378 1,533
5th eoner 1,457
6th Lil Zania 1,353
7th Abaddon-sama 1289
8th silverlocs333 1,284
9th Kiua_theforgotten 1,283
10th xXLeslie-ChanXx 1,126

User Image

Every person falls in love once in their life. Every person will find that perfect one and marry them. But no one can love you more than a mother does.

I'm very close to my mother. It was believed that her and I hit it off from the moment I was born. She was a concerned mother, and always wanted what was best for me. I was a C Section birth, and I had the imbecile cord wrapped around my neck three to four times. My mom panicked, fearing that she was going to lose me. I came out alright in the end, with nothing really wrong with me. She was relieved. As the years went by, we became close. Sure we have our moments where we disagree on something.

I remember this one time, after a horrible event happened to me. I kept it a secret, thinking my mother would blame me for my mistake. One night we got into another argument. I began crying, and I told her about this event from New Years my freshman year of high school. She was disgusted and very flabbergasted. She wasn't upset with me, she understood and knew that it wasn't my fault. That night, she did what any concerned parent would do. She got me help. She gave me a 1 800 number to talk to someone, and she got me concealing for half a year.

I thank her for this still. She's given me everything, even the world. But most important, she gave me life. Thank you Mom, for everything.

Written By: Kiua_theforgotten

Thank you for sharing your story with us and congratulations you win 1k!

Other News

"Do you have some impressive skills on the computer twisting images and adding great tunes to a one of a kind original AMV? Also like to win some great prizes by just tweaking your imagination and just having fun? Then participate in the Video AMV contest! Visit the topic to get all the details."

User ImagezOMG - Win a zOMG pack from 7-11 worth 27k

User Image Suspicious Package- Want to win one,two, maybe three if you think your that lucky.

Memorial Day Quiz- Take the quiz and win some gold, even if you don't get all the answer right you still receive 250g for trying.

Avi Contest- Please visit the Event Forum and vote for the Best avi.

We also need votes for last months Columbine quiz. Please make sure to vote for that as well.
Thank you!

Finally Thought

I can't stress enough how important it is for your participation in oder to be a member of the guild.
Hope to see you there!
silverlocs333 Report | 04/23/2009 9:44 am
Allonsy guild news update for April 22, 2009

Lottery winner of 10k goes to -1sprinkle 1- with the winning number 6

$$$$ Contests $$$$$

Most Posted in the guild- Every month the person with the most posts wins a Collictable Letter!

Gaians in the Top 10 for the most posts in the guild are:

1st ll Princess Peach ll 2972
2nd Serenity714 2075
3rd Lady cholocate 1378 1482
4th Kiua_theforgotten 1226
5th silverlocs333 1193
6th heartylou 1072
7th Kamakaze Cucumber 931
8th X PhoenixPrincess X 904
9th Mr Turkleton 800
10th Abaddon-sama 632

Bumping Contest - Ends May 15th 2009, win a gaia cash item of your choice!

Gaians in the running are:

1st ll Princess Peach ll 1145
2nd heartylou 545
3rd Xx Leslie-Chan Xx 230

Clean up gaia win 10k. Contest ends April 30th.

Gaians in the running are:

1st Contestant Bokuden 5,328
2nd Contestant ll r o s e r a i e ll 3,900
3rd Contestant ll Princess Peach ll 5,427
4th Contestant Kiua_theforgotten 4,714

Quiz for gold- Take the quiz on Columbine and answer them correctly win 500g.There is also to trick questions, if you happen to answer those you will win a extra 100g for each correct answered. PLUS Bonus question, answer that and you will have a chance at winning 100k. Contest ends April 30th 2009

Gaians who have completed the quiz are:

1. Lil Zania
2. Bokuden
3. Dark Elf Fighter

"GO GREEN" Avi contest is now open and ready for you to vote. Thank you for participating! Contest ends May 1st 2009. Prize 100k...

Contestants are:

1st Spunkie_Monkey_Riikku
2nd WireMind
3rd Azna The Forbidden One
4th Kiua_theforgotten
5th Ruby_Fairy77
6th eoner
7th heartylou
8th Lea Amber
10th ll r o s e r a i e ll
11th ll Princess Peach ll
12th OhMercyME
13th Contestant TwilightxDevil
14th Bokuden
15th kapitu
16th Dark Elf Fighter
17th 99Misha99Hiruka99
18th Kakashi-Senseis-Girl
19th Godsbabybear
20th Contestant Lil Zania

Good luck and please remember to vote everyone..Thank you!

Coming soon- A "Poll Center" subforum where you, the members can take polls on what you would like to have in the guild and more!

Also if you haven't introduced yourself yet, please do. We would like to hear from you. And if you can't be active for a little while please post in the "Why are you absent" forum , so we don't worry.

One more reminder to post your birthday so we can celebrate with you, in the "Whens your Birthday" forum. I am currently working on a New Birthday Calender to come out soon.

Please be sure to read the "Guild information Center" to find out the lasted news and if you ever want to leave us, just click the delete button at the top of the guild.
Starting next month gaians with 1 post will be banned. We really need people to be active and participate.
Thank you!
silverlocs333 Report | 04/18/2009 12:51 pm
Hello, I wanted to remind you about Allonsy guild and tell you about what's happening in the guild right now.

1. Lottery raffle win 10k. Contest ends April 27th.
2. Bumping contest win a cash item of your choice. Contest ends May 15th.
3. "GO GREEN Avi contest win 50k. Asking for avi's to be turn in by April 19th.
4. Clean up gaia win 10k. Contest ends April 30th.
5. Roleplay is your thing, there is a lot of that going on there too.
6. Plus much more!

Please be sure to read the "Guild information Center" to find out the lasted news and if you ever want to leave us, just click the delete button at the top of the guild.
Starting next month gaians with 1 post will be banned. We really need people to be active and participate.
Thank you!
Misty Marina Report | 03/13/2009 8:47 pm
Hey, how's it goin?

Wanted to ask if you could stop by the Allonsy Guild & post a vote in the avi contest in the Event Forum? I would appreciate it so much! Thanks~


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