About Nick (DM Aeon!)

Hey Guys,

Just want to tell that Im not a N00B at this, so you can save the "warm" greetings :]

My old file was DM Void but got banned because GaiaSTAFF thought I was hacking. So no biggie, its just a game, right?

Spending money on games is worthless but seeing other people in fancy VIRTUAL clothing might change your mind. Beg your mom for her credit card and your on your way to your mom's basement at 47.
(I don't think you know what I'm saying so I'll be quiet!)

Either way, im DM Aeon. I make layouts for all games, flash animations, videos and all that pointless stuff. Still working on the Gaia one though... their kinda tricky but not too hard :]

My favourite color is Green :O
I live in Canada (EH!)
I like playing Video-Games (Killing my Brain razz )

Signed up May 24th, 2008.

Oh, and yeah Welcome to Profile (Shoud've put that first...!)