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Simplest Hitman Report | 04/30/2012 7:57 pm
Oh thanks!
Tough cookie for me, though. I had chosen the songs and sent the profile a couple of hours back.

I swear...Thank you!
x_Ultra_Panda_Luver_x Report | 07/26/2011 11:15 am
Thanks ^^
I have an active imagination... So...~ XD
x_Ultra_Panda_Luver_x Report | 07/26/2011 11:06 am
That's cool ^^
And this is going to be interesting for me XD
But it shall be fun = w =
I even started doing a short story with one of my OCs, but I haven't gotten back to writing it since I might actually need to do more planning ^^;
x_Ultra_Panda_Luver_x Report | 07/26/2011 11:00 am
Yeah, this is my first time doing this ^^
I have a friend who has a couple of characters but she knows where they'll end up in their future; if they get married, how many kids they'll have, etc. etc. So I thought I do that so it's easier to understand them. Especially since most of them have been used in multiple RPs with different ways of telling their past. So, I'm going to make an official biography of what their lives would be like if they were normal, or something like that ^^
x_Ultra_Panda_Luver_x Report | 07/26/2011 10:49 am
Oh, nothing special
Just trying to organize most of my OCs. Basically going back to a majority of the RPs they were in and copying and pasting their biographies and trying to figure out what they're really like
x_Ultra_Panda_Luver_x Report | 07/26/2011 10:45 am
Santa Clause? XD
Kidding, kidding. Hey there 8D
Fluffy1229 Report | 06/27/2011 8:14 am
Hm. I may try it later on, but I'm in a little bit too many role-plays with this new one we are making.

Heh heh. Have you heard of High School Of The Dead? Or Left 4 Dead? Or anything with a zombie invasion? Yeah. Thats pretty much it. XD we fight for our lives.. Against the undead. Cause we have nothing better to doooo.
Fluffy1229 Report | 06/27/2011 7:50 am
That's cool! I've never been in a chat room for roleplaying. I've just done regular stuff.

Also! Jiffers and I are actually gonna make a roleplay sometime today or tomorrow. :3 so I'm trying to gather up pictures and editors to help with it.
Fluffy1229 Report | 06/27/2011 7:44 am
Heyy. Im pretty good! My neck doesn't hurt anymore from headbanging at the skillet concert I went to on Friday. And my voice is back! :]
How about you?
Luna_Wright Report | 06/07/2011 10:56 pm
I'm heading to bed myself so that works fine. You can reply tomorrow if you'd like and as shall I when I get off work! smile

The Stalkers that Refuse leave me alone


May Be Happy

What you may want to know

And now I'm doing my yearly Profile redo... here goes!

Hello all you happy people out there, I am Daniel, but online, you'll call me dlamp, the only real reason I give out my first name is because it's common, so... yeah. But I also go by DL, Lampy, D, and whatever else you can think of. I'm currently 17, though most people as I look younger than I appear. Eh, their opinion, not mine, plus, it's not that you can tell anyway. But more to the point, I'm sure you'd just love to look at this profile and see what's up with me, otherwise I'm sure you wouldn't had clicked.

Well, physical I'm Black by race, socially I'm probably whiter than my white plastered walls. Just sayin', that's what most have said about me anyway. Mainly since I don't do things like high-fives, fist bumps, or whatever other greeting that most people give. -_- Whatever, just not my thing really.

Anyway... I'm known for being the 5 S's, Short, Sadistic, Sinister, Sarcastic, and Smart-a**. Don't worry, I'm nice... sorta', depends on my first impression of you usually. Though, I love to screw around with my friends and push their buttons, so sorry in advance for when I go too far. Heh, yeah. Well, I'll say it now, I'm a bit two-faced. I'm nice to my friends or people who've made a first impression and I can be a total A-hole to people I don't like or have a low opinion of. Yeah... don't really swear either.

Other than Rollerblading, my hobbies include reading, video games, and writing. I LOVE video games. I mainly place RPGs and Sandbox games, but I sometimes play third-person shooters, I hate first-person shooters though, so don't ask me to play Call of Duty or whatever. I also play MMOs a lot too, mainly Grand Chase. I role-play as a handful of characters from the series as well. Mostly Sieghart though. And yes, I have also played Elsword to a degree, I mainly play as Rena though. Feel free to tell me about a good game or MMO you have in mind so we can play together.

And like most people, I enjoy music. ALL kinds of music. Well almost, I don't really listen to rap or hip-hop, very little anyway., and country... I HATE country. I mainly listen to Rock or Pop (yeah, I listen to BOTH), but if you've got a song in mind, let me know. I also play Saxophone and am in Marching Band, so any links to arrangements or sheet music is greatly appreciated.

Job wise, I hope to work at video games store, but long term wise I hope to either be an graphic artist or a social worker (I'm still planing things out).

Well, that's me, if you wanna' know more, feel free to ask, unless I think it's to personal.

Time Online

Okay, my time online is limited to weekends due to house rules. That's just how it is, so please don't except me to post on weekdays. I have been getting some more freedom nowadays though, so I might be on a little more often on weekdays to type in OOC forums and MAYBE one post or two, but that's it.
Now that it's summer, I'll be online way more often now. I should be on everyday unless I'm out of town.

Adjectives Describing Me

I did a little survey in school a few months ago and asked some people at school to give at least three words that describe me. I got some very interesting answers. I'll save you all of the deep and insightful one 'cause there... not really shown through Gaia that often. Anyway, here they are:

Short (both in high and temper)
Grumpy (Yeah... mainly in School though)
Angry (ahfkdafkl- I AM NOT AN ANGRY PERSON!)
Bitter (Stubborn, Old Man XD)
Odd (Only because normalcy doesn't exist)
Sadistic (Still don't get this one)
Funny (Only when I don't wanna' be...)
Entertaining (Don't really know how.)
"Dan-tastic" (Don't Ask)
Unique (Isn't Everyone?)
Fuzzy (Again, Don't Ask)
Gloomy (In School... that place is just plain depressing)
Sarcastic (So very, very Sarcastic)
Patient (???)
Reasonable (Depends on the Person)
Intelligent (Of course~)
Otaku (I'll be killing a certain friend of mine later...)
Gamer (No duh.)


I also Role-Play. I Role-Play a lot. I Role-Play almost as much as I play video games and Rollerblade. I've been Role-Playing for awhile now and I think I'm pretty good at it. I'm Semi-Lit. to Lit, but I'm ascending to Lit. Help and advice would be nice. No really, if you have advice and I seem be struggling in a Lit. role-play, please tell me something. I'm usually encourage to increase my literacy around advance lit. or Lit. Role-Players. It's so hard for me to actually tried and give a good, decent post some days. I still look for advice to increase my posting size. I feel like such a noob at times... well, I still see myself as one. Most of my characters are inspired by the video games I play. Mainly from Sonic and Dynasty Warriors, and even animes like Death Note and Code Geass. Also, the majority of my character are fairly young, around their early to late teens. I know some people are annoyed when people use really young characters, but it's easier for me to relate to them, thus, it helps make my posts longer. I also reuse characters, and before you get mad about that, understand that the range or my characters' personalities are HUGE. I have many characters and each are unique. I don't want to make a character that is just the same as the last with a different name. I also use anime pics mainly, but I don't mind (or care) if others use real pics or just a description. Whatever works.

I love Role-Playing as canons too. It's fun to be able do people from different shows and games for me. It just proves to be another challenge. I done several characters and the list is growing, I can do almost anyone so long as I like them.

Also, I do NOT do one-on-one anymore. I just can't stay focused enough on them to continue. I prefer to Role-Play with more than one person, so DON'T send me a pm requesting for me to role-play unless it's a group Role-Play.

Role-Plays topics I'm good at/like are:

Fantasies{Not Medieval}
Kingdom Hearts-Related(Nobodies Specifically)
Soul Eater-Related(Favoring Witches and Kishins)

Role-Plays I'm not good at/won't do:

Arranged Marriage-Related
One-on-One-Related{Will have to REALLY convince me}

That's all for now.

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