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I'm nearing 35 in age, ask nicely about selling an item to you at a lower cost and maybe I'll do so.

Buzz phrasing is any time you reference the ABP as fact for pricing. If something is listed for say 400m, but ABP says it's 4b, will you pay me 4b? No, don't say...then why should I sell something for the ABP price?

It's all fine and dandy when it's listed as 4b and ABP is 400m and you want to pay 400m, but if reversed, it's a no go if it's listed as 400m and you want to sell it at the 4b ABP.

I have no item desires, nor goals other than to have a lot of gold, my wishlists are strictly for me to see something I can buy cheap to sell later. Just like watching a listing and waiting for one it to come in stock and two for it to be on sale or mispriced.



"A Man Who Can't Be Nice To Women, Is A Waste Of Space" - Tokidoki Rikugō (Amatsuki)

My selling Hovel

I'm in no hurry to sell my items, so I don't change prices to meet demand.


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Sniffing Report | 08/26/2017 6:41 pm

thanks for taking those bundles off my hands
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pettycookie Report | 08/05/2017 7:20 pm
thank you for purchasing. i hope you enjoy your "Sushi Error" heart
theforestgypsy Report | 07/28/2017 6:51 pm

thank you for shopping at the caravan of curiosities
do come again sometime

icontrast Report | 07/23/2017 12:23 pm
Thanks for buying! heart
kookiedoll Report | 07/23/2017 12:17 pm
Thanks for buying from my shop! 3nodding
webgrl Report | 07/23/2017 8:25 am
Thanks for your purchase and have a lovely day! heart heart
Orange Kotoni Report | 07/22/2017 5:35 am
Orange Kotoni
Thanks for buying~ heart
NamekWoman Report | 07/19/2017 1:41 pm
thats good
NamekWoman Report | 07/17/2017 9:26 pm
hope things are going well.
Dawns_Stars145 Report | 07/17/2017 3:06 pm
Thanks for buying from my shop. Enjoy your purchase blaugh